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A Guide to the 12 Step Fellowships for Psychotherapists

With speakers Anna Santamouris, Maya Jacobs-Wallfisch, Malcolm Peterson, Professor Gabriel Segal

Saturday 17 June 2017

09.30   Registration and coffee
10.00   Maya Jacobs-Wallfisch

The emotional foundations of Alcoholics Anonymous
In this paper, Maya Jacobs-Wallfisch will discuss and illustrate the strengths and challenges of the 12 step model in the treatment of addictions, providing a brief history of the 12 step approach, considering why it has endured as a successful pathway for recovery from addictions. It became clear to the founders of Alcoholics Anonymous, Dr Bob and Bill W, that a clear structure to the meetings was required, and that this structure was to be an organising factor in the pursuit of recovery. This has remained an unchanged internationally recognised format for all meetings. Examining these ground rules for personal responsibility and self-disclosure, from the perspective of a former addictions counsellor and now psychoanalytical psychotherapist, Maya will consider the therapeutic value of specific steps, and ways in which psychotherapy can help or hinder the recovery process of those who attend meetings.
11.15   Coffee
11.45   Professor Gabriel Segal

How do twelve step programmes bring peace of mind and freedom from addiction?
Gabriel Segal will propose that Twelve Step programmes are successful at relieving addicts of problematic impulses to use. Such impulses, he will suggest, are caused by turbulent emotions and the Steps provide a comprehensive emotion-management regime to deal with anger, fear, overexcitement, low self-esteem, guilt and disconnection. By working them and developing better relations with a higher power of their choice, the subject comes to accept help, to accept external and internal reality, to value and connect with others. How do the steps complement psychotherapy? How might they conflict with it?
13.00   Lunch break (lunch not included)
14.00   Malcolm Peterson

Taking Freud into Rehab
In this lecture Malcolm Peters will look at the similarities between psychotherapeutic thinking and that of Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous, firstly exploring some of the early contact between the founders of AA and early psychoanalytic thinkers. He will then look at the work of Winnicott, drawing links between some of his theories and their resonance with the principles of AA & NA. This will be followed by an exploration of further links between group analytic thinking and that of 12-Step Fellowships. Will we be able to build a theoretical bridge between the approaches, looking at how they complement each other to help in the treatment of those suffering with addictive disorders? If so, what is the basis of such complementarity?
15.00   Tea
15.15   Anna Santamouris

The values that bind us: anonymity, fellowship and service in 12 Step Recovery
After a short talk participants will be encouraged to engage in small and whole group discussions to explore the issue or how and why some clients choose or refuse to make use of the 12 step fellowships to recover from destructive addictive behaviours. We will address what 'addiction' means and the participants' personal experience of it, if any. We will explore the traditions of the most established 12 step fellowships in order to gain an understanding of the necessity and importance of concepts such as anonymity, fellowship and service that are inherent in the success of 12 step recovery. And finally, we will consider arguments for and against the belief that the process of 12 step recovery is detrimental to ego development, notably by the abdication of responsibility for addiction and the use of the concept of a higher power.
16.30   Q & A panel discussion
17.00   End

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