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Psychopathology: Theory and Practice

The Course Philosophy

The newly constituted course will provide professional practitioners of psychotherapy, psychology, psychiatry, psychoanalysis, counselling and creative arts therapies with an intensive, year-long study introducing participants to psychological conditions ranging from severe manifestations of psychological illness (e.g., schizophrenia, affective disorders, and the forensic psychopathologies) to more common ordinary neuroses and character disturbances (e.g., anxiety disorders, hysteria, obsessive-compulsive disorders, addictions, psychosexual disorders).

The course will be divided into three units. During the first unit, participants will have an opportunity to study not only the history and theory of psychopathology but, also, some of the major psychoses and other conditions which often require institutionalisation. During the second unit, participants will have an opportunity to examine psychopathology in the community. And in the third and final unit, participants will engage with different manifestations of psychological suffering across the life cycle, by investigating infant psychopathology, child psychopathology, adolescent psychopathology, adult psychopathology, old age psychopathology, as well as psychological illness in many different relational contexts (e.g., couples, families, groups, organisations, and even among nations).

The core teaching team of the Certificate in Psychopathology and the Diploma in Psychopathology has designed this course to survey not only basic psychiatric knowledge but, also, the century-long accumulation of depth psychological knowledge about psychopathology. We hope that in offering broad coverage with a focus on the depth psychologies that practitioners will be able to embark upon a serious and carefully constructed examination of the field in all its multiple facets.

The course will offer a comprehensive study of each subject area, focusing on the clinical phenomenology of each state of psychopathology, upon its aetiology, and upon its treatment. Although the primary theoretical lens will be a psychodynamic one, broadly defined to include classical psychoanalytical, Jungian, and modern relational perspectives, participants will also be exposed to the more traditional theories from biologically orientated psychiatry and related disciplines in order to provide a wide coverage of the field.

The teaching team of the certificate and diploma course consists of some of the nation's leading mental health experts. Collectively, we have designed this course to foreground the century-long accumulation of depth psychological knowledge about the various manifestations of psychopathology, so that this information can sit alongside, and even challenge, the shibboleths of the more traditional somatic models.


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Core staff

Senior Course Director: Professor Brett Kahr
Director of Confer: Jane Ryan
Course Manager: Cressida Moger
Deputy Course Tutors: Raffaella Hilty and Dr Richard Sherry

CPD level:
£495 (or 12 monthly payments of £45)

Certificate level:
£1,185 (or 12 monthly payments of £100)

Diploma level:
£1,895 (or 12 monthly payments of £160)


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19 September 2019 - 4 June 2020

Thursday evenings, 19:30-21:30