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When Words Are Not Enough

Dance, drama and music therapy in the treatment and transformation of trauma

Saturday 8 October 2016

09.30   Registration and coffee
10.00   Anna Chesner

Psychodramatic approaches to working with trauma
As an experiential psychotherapy, focusing on body, role, relationship and imagination psychodrama has great immediacy and impact. For these reasons trauma work needs to be approached with great care and delicacy. A step by step approach is essential in order to maintain safety for both protagonist and group members. Anna will share the use of the psychodramatic techniques of the progressive role, containing double, mirror and surplus reality in trauma work. While these techniques are common to classical psychodrama they have a particular value in trauma work in helping the client remain present and safe.
11.30   Coffee
12.00   Dr Marianne Eberhard-Kaechele

From freeze-fragment-forget to thaw-integrate-remember: dance movement psychotherapy with trauma survivors
Since 1990 I have worked with patients suffering from complex interpersonal trauma: physical, psychological and sexualized abuse over a prolonged period, within a supposedly trusting relationship to parents, neighbours, teachers or others. These experiences are inscribed upon the bodies and minds of the survivors, characterized by the traumatic defence mechanisms freeze, fragment and forget. Dance-movement psychotherapy and embodiment theory and research are rich sources of interventions that can thaw and release the body, re-join split-off elements of the psyche and, through accessing body memory, place traumatic events into the past and make the present safer and worth living.
13.30   Lunch (Included)
14:45   Dr Julie Sutton

As time goes by. Music psychotherapy and trauma
I focus on the particular role music psychotherapy has for the area of trauma. I will include specific theoretical approaches to music psychotherapeutic work and also describe the nature and impact of psychological trauma, looking particularly at those living in areas experiencing conflict. I suggest a kind of 'musical listening' that can help us to understand more of the experiences of those traumatised. I will illustrate this with musical examples from inside and outside the clinic room. I hope in these ways the presentation will stimulate thought and discussion about music itself and the unique ways it affects us all.
16.15   Discussion
17.00   End

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