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Desire in the Consulting Room

With Dr Andrea Celenza, Professor Joy Schaverien and the reading of a play by Laurie Slade

Saturday 4 November 2017 - London

08.30 - 09:45   Social Dreaming Matrix led by Laurie Slade

09.30   Registration and coffee
10.00   Dr Andrea Celenza

Erotic Transferences: What Countertransferences Illuminate - Part I
Some form of erotic transference frequently arises in the course of analytic therapy, yet clinicians feel unprepared to cope with the level of desire and erotic material likely to emerge. This two-part presentation discusses erotic transferences in all of their manifestations through clinical illustrations. The varieties and meanings of the analyst's countertransference will also be presented as a major source of co-construction in the emergence of unconscious factors that help elucidate the nature of transferences. Finally, the polarity of transference as real or unreal will discussed as a false dichotomy.
11.15   Coffee
11.45   Dr Andrea Celenza

Erotic Transferences: What Countertransferences Illuminate - Part II
13.00   Lunch (included)
14:00   Professor Joy Schaverien

Breaking the Spell: Erotic Enchantment in Supervision
The erotic reveals much about the patient's way of being in the world - but what of the psychotherapist? This talk takes as its starting point a quote from Kristeva: "During treatment the analyst interprets his desire and his love and that sets him apart from the perverse position of the seducer." *

Falling in love (with its corollary hate) is at the centre of the psychoanalytic endeavour-but what does this mean? How do we address this in therapy and in the exposing co- operative enterprise that is supervision? In the process of analysis the analyst lends herself temporarily to a state of enchantment. Eros is mercurial and it may bring to the fore feelings, of love and intimacy; it may evoke issues of sexuality and gender confusion. It engages the 'therapist-as-person', and so potentially challenges the professional identity of the analyst. Exposing this to the gaze of the supervisor risks breaking the spell and facing feelings shame and so it takes courage. When erotic attractions are brought into the light of supervision, the seriously playful element that is Eros may facilitate its transformative potential.

*J. Kristeva (1983) Tales of Love NY: Columbia Universities Press. p.30
15.00   Tea

A rehearsed reading of a new play by Laurie Slade
A Supermoon appears when Earth and Moon are closest... How close can a psychotherapist and client get without precipitating a catastrophic collision? This play presents a range of different scenarios on erotic transference in therapy and its potentials for both heightened intimacy and for ethical violation. The script is offered as a stimulus for discussion on the relevance of boundaries for the mutual experience of sexual feelings in the therapeutic encounter, whether fantasised or enacted, so that we can question and explore where deeper connections begin, developmental shifts occur, and real dangers lie.
16:20   Andrea Celenza and Joy Schaverien

How would you supervise this case? Andrea Celenza and Joy Schaverien consider the issues, with discussion with the audience.
17.00   End

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