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The Disintegrating Self
Understanding and working with adults with ADHD and/or Autistic Spectrum traits

A 1 day presentation by Phil Mollon

Saturday 6 June 2015

09.30   Registration and coffee
10.00   What is ADHD?

In this presentation, Phil Mollon will outline the characteristics of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and the core problems of impaired ego-functioning and self-regulation that are so characteristic of the condition. We will consider both neurobiological issues, and the impact of ADHD on personality, for example, in grandiosity and other narcissistic disturbances; in the unconscious creation of interpersonal conflict and drama. The sufferer’s susceptibility to panic, rage, and the threat of disintegration will be placed in context.
11.15   Coffee
11.45   Principles of psychotherapy with ADHD

Next we will explore helpful and unhelpful ways of understanding and responding to a client with ADHD. Such skills as supporting the ego, promoting fusion of the drives, and toleration of reality; the tactful dismantling of pathological narcissism; finding words and speech for emotions and emotional pain that can be used for mental growth will be offered as appropriate interventions. Energy psychology techniques for calming and bringing coherence to the ADHD brain will also be considered.
13.00   Lunch break (Lunch is not included at this event)
14.15   Autistic traits and autistic states of mind

In this session we will examine the ‘Intense World’ theory, in which the autistic spectrum brain is thought of as processing too much, too intensely, and with too little integration. This session will also cover psychological vulnerabilities such the porousness of the self, self-hatred, self-harm, and the ‘preypredator dynamic’. We will consider how to empathise with the autistic struggle, and the principles of psychotherapy when working with someone within the Autistic Spectrum.
15.30   Tea
15.45   What is the right therapeutic approach?

Here we reflect on how ill-informed psychotherapy can result in a disservice or even harm to the autistic client, for example, in lack of knowledge of the contribution of the brain and the body to emotional states. We will discuss the importance of the concept of ‘somato-psychic conditions’ where the somatic or neurobiological condition is understood to be the primary factor, and the psychological manifestations secondary. Finally we will explore how such insights can be incorporated into therapeutic approaches.
17.00   End

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