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Working with the Dreaming Mind
Perspectives from contemporary psychotherapeutic practice

With Dr Giuseppe Civitarese, Dr Angela Cotter and Laurie Slade

Saturday 30 January 2016

08.30   Social Dreaming Matrix led by Laurie Slade
09.45   Registration and coffee
10.00   Dr Giuseppe Civitarese

Ways of dreaming the session and the ‘analytic field theory’ – Part I
Psychoanalysis has taken the Freudian paradigm of dreaming to its extreme consequences and reinscribed it in an intersubjective frame. This presentation examines the dream in the light of links forged between developing psychoanalytic perspectives. Not only do we dream at night but also during the day, the process which Bion called the “waking dream thought” (1962). The analyst needs to know how to put the processes of symbolisation/dreaming of reality, which for some reason have become blocked in the patient, back on track. Dreaming becomes the via regia to the real. Dreaming in a session takes on different forms: real dreaming, somatic reverie, transformation in hallucination, oneiric flashes, reverie and transformation in dreaming. The speaker will illustrate these with a series of short clinical examples.
11.15   Coffee
11.45   Dr Giuseppe Civitarese

Ways of dreaming the session and the ‘analytic field theory’ – Part II

13.00   Lunch
14:00   Dr Angela Cotter

Working with the dreamingbody: insights from Jungian and other perspectives
This paper focuses on ways of working in clinical practice with the dreamingbody (which includes dreams and waking dream-like states of consciousness). It includes a theoretical presentation to set the scene and a gentle experiential component in small groups. The theoretical presentation draws on the writings of Jung, post-Jungians and authors in other psychotherapy traditions to outline ways of working in an embodied way with dreams both in relation to one-to-one practice and in groups. The experiential work will use a simple way of working with a dream in small groups drawing on embodied experience. The aims of this paper are to complement the other presentations with a perspective that emphasises the importance of working both with the individual and the collective at this time, and to give participants a relevant small group experience.
15.15   Tea
15.30   Laurie Slade

The dreaming mind in community
We experience the dreaming mind in ways which may inform our understanding of both ourselves and community, as an intra-psychic and as an inter-psychic phenomenon. Pursuing this theme Laurie Slade will touch on the origins of social dreaming, social dreaming as a practice, and the influence it has had on his work as a psychotherapist with individuals. In particular he will suggest the emphasis in social dreaming on the responses that a dream evokes - rather than on the interpretation of dreams presented - is consistent with an approach to psychotherapy in which process is a primary focus.
16.30   Plenary
17.00   End

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08:30 Social Dreaming Matrix
09.45 Registration and coffee
10:00 Start
11:15 Coffee
13:00 Lunch
15:15 Tea
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