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Where is our emotional centre and what is the relevance to psychotherapy?

With Speakers: Michael Ash, Dr Janina Fisher, Dr Art O’Malley, Laurie Slade and Dr Alan Watkins

Saturday 1 July 2017

It is now fully accepted that the brain is not the only emotional processing centre of the human mind-body, and that other physiological systems play a significant role in affect regulation. The heart and brain maintain a continuous two-way dialogue, each influencing the other's functioning, with the heart sending signals to the brain which effect emotional perception and processing - so much so that researches have coined the term “heart brain." Similarly, the gut-brain axis is a two-way biochemical pathway, involving the enteric nervous system's part in autonomic arousal via the vagal nerve, which is implicit in emotional response. More than 90% of the body's serotonin and 50% of the body's dopamine lie in the gut, both powerful stimuli of mood, and the role of these neurotransmitters is key to current gut-brain research.


Michael Ash
Michael Ash DO, ND, BSc, RNT has worked with patients for over 25 years through the improvement of the gut brain axis to augment intersecting approaches to recovery of their mental and physical health. He has published numerous related articles, and taught thousands of clinicians across many countries on how and why our bacterial ‘cousins’ collectively known as the microbiome may be retrained (through the use of foods, food concentrates, biological mediators and medicines) to become our allies in the recovery of health... More >>

Dr Janina Fisher
Janina Fisher, Ph.D. is a licensed clinical psychologist in private practice, Director of Psychological Services for Khiron Clinics UK; Assistant Educational Director of the Sensorimotor Psychotherapy Institute; an Instructor at the Trauma Center, a research and treatment center founded by Bessel van der Kolk; an EMDRIA Approved Consultant and Credit Provider; former president of the New England Society for the Treatment of Trauma and Dissociation; and a former instructor, Harvard Medical School... More >>

Dr Art O'Malley
Art O'Malley has practiced as a doctor since 1990 and consultant child and adolescent psychiatrist from 2004 until 2014 for the NHS. He now works in private practice in Manchester specializing in the treatment of acute and complex traumatic stress disorders. As an EMDR consultant he sees patients with complex trauma across the lifespan. He has presently widely in the fields of trauma, neglect and the developing brain, attachment disorders, personality disorders, emotional dysregulation in ADHD and ASD diagnosis and management... More >>

Laurie Slade
Laurie Slade is a UKCP registered analytical psychotherapist, in private practice in West London. He is a member of the Guild of Psychotherapists, the Confederation for Analytical Psychology, and the International Neuropsychoanalysis Association. He has been involved in social dreaming since 2001, hosting sessions in a variety of settings, in the UK and internationally, and regularly at Confer events. He has an active interest in theatre, having previously worked professionally as a stage manager. His plays have been performed at London's Trafalgar Studios and King's Head theatres, at Coventry's Belgrade theatre, in Nairobi, and on BBC Radio 3. More >>

Dr Alan Watkins
Alan Watkins is recognised as an international expert on leadership and human performance. He has a broad mix of commercial, academic, scientific and technological abilities. Drawing on his background as a physician and neuroscientist he has an ability to integrate different lines of development and scientific advances from many fields. Over the past 15 years he has been a coach and confidant to many of Europe's top leaders. He is passionate about developing enlightened leadership in the world in multiple market sectors and enabling leaders to make a more meaningful contribution in an increasingly complex world... More >>


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