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Energy Psychology - Its Explosive Healing Potential
Psychoanalytic energy therapy and transpersonal approaches
A one-day seminar led by Ruthie Smith and Dr Phil Mollon

Saturday 23 November 2013 - Edinburgh

09.30   Registration
10.00   Phil Mollon

The history, science and research findings of energy based therapies
We will explore the history of energy therapy, placing it in context and making links and bridges with more familiar conventional forms of psychological therapies. This session will examine the science of subtle energy - how the stress of the mind and body is expressed as specific codings in our energy centres and placing the discussion in the context of neurobiology. In this session we will also be looking at the results of the rapidly evolving research evidence for the efficacy of EFT. We will ask: If the simplest form of energy psychology is producing these amazing results in good research trials, how much more can be achieved potentially with deeper and more sophisticated energy psychology?
11.15   Coffee
11.45   Ruthie Smith

States of consciousness: the spiritual and transpersonal aspects of working with energy
In this session, paying reference to Freud and Jung, we will consider the working hypotheses for mapping the mind that includes transpersonal aspects of consciousness. Moving the conversation towards spiritual growth, we will consider the nine Buddhist Yanas that lead to enlightenment, and the vibrational nature of energy. This session will explore how we can work with the body to remove density caused by trauma, raising the vibrational frequency to arrive at more 'enlightened' states, integration, and 'soul connection'. An attachment-based understanding of psycho-spiritual development will be considered.
13.00   Lunch (please note lunch is not included)
14.15   Phil Mollon and Ruthie Smith

Working with Energy
In this session both speakers will talk about their particular ways of working with energy, illustrating how they incorporate energy work into psychotherapy with case vignettes.
15.30   Tea
16.00   Phil Mollon and Ruthie Smith

An experiential session
In this final part of the day we will experience group work using energy, and a live demonstration of energy work with an individual.
17.30   End

Self-funded: £110
Organisationally-funded: £180
CPD Hours

Certificates of Attendance for 6 hours will be provided at the event

SHSC Conference Facility
Crewe Road South

Registration: 09.30
Start: 10.00
End: 17.30