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Energy Psychotherapy
Evolving perspectives of diverse practitioners
With speakers: Judith Anderson, Viv Fogel, Dr Phil Mollon, Heather Redington and Ruthie Smith

Saturday 8 July 2017

09.30   Registration and coffee
10.00   Dr Phil Mollon

Current developments in energy psychotherapies including an overview of the theory, history and research
As President of the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology, Phil Mollon has a wide overview and is uniquely placed to comment on the exciting developments of this field in the UK. This session will demonstrate energy methods of working with meridians, intention and other methods, and include experiential work with participants.
11.00   Viv Fogel

Emotional Freedom Technique (Gary Craig's EFT) Working with Meridians
Viv Fogel will demonstrate EFT with a course participant to help clear an emotional blockage or reversal in the energy system.
11.30   Coffee
12.00   Dr Phil Mollon

Pep and Blue Diamond Healing
Phil Mollon will demonstrate his own methods of working with meridians and intention – showing how we can follow the free-associative flow of energy and information concurrently in the mind and body. All states of mental or physical pain and distress have a precise informational coding in the body’s subtle energy system. This approach, which he calls Psychoanalytic Energy Psychotherapy can also be combined with the ‘Blue Diamond’ procedure to access higher realms of healing."
12.30   Judith Anderson

Tapas Acupressure Technique (TAT)
Judith Anderson will do experiential work with the group using Tapas Fleming's TAT to work with our reactions to global issues such as climate change.
13.00   Panel - Questions & Discussion
13.15   Lunch break (Lunch not included)
14.30   Ruthie Smith

Working with multiple aspects of the psyche using energy psychotherapy tools
Energy and healing is all around and within us, and we all have the tools and guidance to access it. Connecting directly with guidance from our higher self helps therapist and client alike experience the energy flow and the natural free association of mind and body. Using simple energy psychotherapy methods to effect change, talking and understanding within the psychotherapeutic relationship is amplified by the principle that we can clear the energetic density caused by trauma and stress from our bodies, emotions and spirit. Methods include: balancing the energy system using corrections; overcoming therapeutic resistance and self- sabotaging blockages' by clearing reversals; and integrating all parts of the psyche (including dissociated parts and archetypal energies.) Energy testing guides the work enabling us to identify origins of trauma. Simple protocols help remove the traumatic patterns held in the body at a cellular level, including PTSD and transgenerational trauma, and the void left by such clearings can be filled with the energetic installation of positive core beliefs and intentions.
15.10   Ruthie Smith

AIT (Advanced Integrative Therapy)
Ruthie Smith will demonstrate Asha Clinton's method of working with Chakras, integrated with other energy therapy methods). The presentation will include a demonstration using AIT integrated with various methods
16.00   Tea
16.15   Heather Redington

Heather will describe her work with refugees and asylum seekers in her Free from Bad Memories clinic at The Harbour Project where she works with a variety of energy psychotherapy methods.
16.45   Panel - Questions & Discussion
17.00   End

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