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The Gift of the Wounded Healer
An exploration of the clinical qualities and personal risks that arise from the psychotherapist's own experience of suffering

Saturday 28 September 2013

09.30   Registration
10.00   Angela Cotter

Being one of another: the spirituality of the wounded healer and its implications for psychotherapy practice and theory
The wounded healer is increasingly acknowledged as an important concept in several different disciplines including psychotherapy where it is often explored mythologically within a Jungian framework. It has also been considered in depth in Western theologies and spiritual traditions and is an important concept within indigenous shamanic cultures. Based on Angela's research with ‘wounded healer’ practitioners this presentation will consider the concept within different disciplines, setting out how it can be seen as changing interpretations of power and vulnerability towards collective understanding and community orientation. The talk aims to bring new understanding and insight by critically examining the concept within the world of psychotherapy.
11.30   Coffee
12.00   Andrew Samuels

The client as healer
This presentation will consider how, in understanding ourselves as healers, whether wounded or not, therapists might lose sight of the image of ‘the client as healer’, an important idea introduced by Jung and Searles, which attributes transformational power and therapeutic ability to the other. Is there a risk that we too often claim exclusive possession of the healer role and deny the client the dignity of also having a healing capacity – in relation to the world, to other people, and to the therapist? We’ll look at examples of how therapists both heal and are healed through their work with clients.
13.00   Lunch (please note lunch is not included)
14.15   Andrew Samuels - continued

The wounded healer: shadow of the therapy profession?
Therapists understand that acknowledging the personal reasons that brought us to therapy work is a pre-requisite for ethical and related practice. However, there are signs that, sometimes, making such acknowledgement - and leaving it at that - can actually contribute to avoiding the shadow tendencies in our professional community. How can the concept of the wounded healer help us to manage complex victim-perpetrator dynamics and have less hurt collegial relationships?
15.00   Michael Soth

The wounding and the wounded healer
Whatever therapeutic or philosophical language we use to become reflect on and articulate our own wounds - developmental, characterological, systemic or archetypal - each tradition we train in and subscribe to has its own fractures reaching back to our therapeutic ancestors. Whatever our position within the field, chances are that we have inherited an ambivalent and partial stance in relation to our wounds that is helpful and revealing in some ways but exacerbating and obstructing in others. This presentation will focus on how the therapeutic field reflects the psyche of both its clients and practitioners. Furthermore, rather than lamenting its fragmentation into dogmatic tribes and splits we will consider how we can use these conflicts to be drawn more deeply into the creative void of ‘intersubjective mess’ out of which wholeness can emerge.
15.45   Tea
16.00   Michael Soth - continued
17.00   End

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20-28 Bolsover Street

Registration: 9.30
Start: 10.00
End: 17.30