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Reaching Embodied Integration

A 1 day seminar led by Dr Jon Sletvold & Margaret Landale

Saturday 11 July 2015

09.30   Registration and coffee
10.00   Jon Sletvold

Embodied communication - experiential embodiment as a core intersubjective field
Traditionally psychotherapy has relied mainly on verbal communication. In this presentation, Jon Sletvold will present an approach to psychotherapy that focuses on embodied communication, which integrates subjectivity, empathy and embodied reflexivity (mentalization). The theoretical underpinnings of this approach, aimed at integrating experiences of self, other and interaction will be outlined. We will also review research findings that support the clinical usefulness of focusing on these embodied aspects of the intersubjective field.
11.00   Coffee
11.30   Jon Sletvold

Embodied communication: live supervisions
In this experiential session, Jon Sletvold will demonstrate ways in which we can apply non-verbal emotional communication to expand our understanding of client’s inner world. This exploration is centered on the therapist’s own sense of embodied subjectivity and their capacity to engage empathically with that of the client. We will see how such an approach quickly develops and deepens the intersubjective space.
13.00   Lunch break (Lunch is not included at this event)
14.00   Margaret Landale

Bridging the gap between body and mind: exploring the phenomenology of integration – PART I
The integration of embodied and felt experience within the context of psychotherapy is a complex and live process. In this presentation we will first explore how we may best tune into these processes and support ourselves, as well as our clients, to develop a stronger embodied awareness and focus. We will identify some common factors that may prevent the integration of somatic, emotional and mental processes in psychotherapy, such as working with early trauma, getting stuck in verbal discourse, and encountering dissociative and deeply rooted defense mechanisms.
15.00   Tea
15.30   Margaret Landale

Bridging the gap between body and mind – PART II (experiential)
In this session we will look at how to help cultivate the right conditions for the recognition, exploration and integration of embodied and felt experiences. Using case vignettes and practical enquiries we will explore how we might help broaden the field of attention both within ourselves and our client, how to work more effectively in the ‘here and now’, and how to use contemplative processes and empathic attunement to facilitate a deeper enquiry into direct lived experience.
17.00   End

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