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The Self-Disclosure Dilemma
When should therapists reveal information about themselves?
With Sue Cowan-Jenssen, Dr John O'Connor, Marcus West

Saturday 30 September 2017 - Dublin

09.30   Registration and coffee
10.00   Marcus West

Exploring the pressures to 'be more human' - does self-disclosure miss the point?
This talk will explore the relational movement's widespread use of self-disclosure and suggest that it frequently misses the point, and can compromise and sometimes lead to the breakdown of the therapeutic relationship. Whilst staying true to Jung's dictum that "analysis is a dialogue demanding two partners … in any thoroughgoing analysis the whole personality of both patient and doctor is called into play", the talk will outline how the patient's traumatic, early relational experience relates directly to pressures for self-disclosure. Working in this paradigm we can understand the dynamics that are being reconstructed (in fact, co-constructed) in the therapeutic relationship, and how to compassionately and effectively address and work through the patient's traumatic early experience.
11.30   Coffee
12.00   Sue Cowan-Jenssen

Mortality in the consulting room
What do we tell our clients when we are ill? This issue raises many questions. Do we disclose? How do we disclose? How much do we disclose? When do we disclose? And, perhaps most importantly, why do we disclose? Our profession has, rather surprisingly, not written much on this difficult yet not infrequently experienced topic. In this talk, Sue Cowan-Jenssen will be thinking about some of these questions using her own personal experience when, in 2009, she was diagnosed with cancer and suddenly, uninvited, the issue of her mortality entered the consulting room.
13.30   Lunch (not Included)
*Lunch can be obtained at the venue if prearranged directly with them*
14:45   Dr John O'Connor

Self on Show: self-exposure, self-expression and self-erasure in the work of psychoanalytically-framed psychotherapy
In this talk, John O'Connor will explore the idea of self-disclosure and its place in the work of psychotherapy with reference to the idea of the 'self on show'. In this he will be considering the elements of self-exposure, self-expression and self-erasure; he will discuss the therapist's existence as object and the tension felt as s/he seeks also to have a presence - to be a subject. He will particularly focus on the struggles of new therapist as they seek to find a way of being and behaving within a therapeutic role. The talk will draw from different parts of the psychoanalytic literature and from across its traditions in this talk.
16.15   Discussion Panel
16.45   End

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Marine Hotel
13 Sutton Cross
Co. Dublin

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