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Existential Uncertainty

A 1-day workshop facilitated by Professor Ernesto Spinelli

Saturday 28 July 2018 - Dublin

09.30   Registration and coffee

An overview of existential theory focusing on uncertainty
Uncertainty is a key component of existential thought and existential psychotherapy. It is seen as an inevitable outcome of the foundational principle of relatedness. This part of the seminar will introduce these key ideas and consider them within the context of an existential approach to therapy.
11.15   Coffee

Working with existential tensions
Existential psychotherapy places a great deal of emphasis on the exploration and clarification of the client's worldview. The existential worldview is considered from the standpoint of various relational existential tensions. This part of the seminar will explore the ideas associated with existential tensions and consider their role and value within a therapeutic framework.
13.00   Lunch

Working with uncertainty within the immediacy of the therapeutic encounter
Existential therapy emphasizes the immediacy of the interactions and relations between therapist and client. In doing so, it urges the therapist to be willing to embrace the many uncertain possibilities and challenges that will arise within any therapeutic encounter. In effect, it asks therapists to consider their expertise within the framework of uncertainty. This part of the seminar will explore how therapists can become more open to the possibilities of uncertainty within their practice through key ideas such as un-knowing and the existential focus on descriptive investigation.
15.30   Tea

Working with uncertainty within the immediacy of the therapeutic encounter continued
This final part of the workshop will focus on the wider issues and questions raised by the various expressions of uncertainty as they arise within the therapeutic encounter. It will also explore how clients' experiences of therapy can help therapists to work with, perhaps even embrace, uncertainty as an inevitable condition of the therapeutic encounter.
17.00   End

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Palatine Room
The Irish Museum of Decorative Arts and History
Collins Barracks
Benburb Street
Dublin 7

09.30 Registration and coffee
10:00 Start
11:15 Coffee
13:00 Lunch
15.30 Tea
17:00 End