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Managing Leadership in the Psychotherapy Community
How can the psychotherapy organisations grow beyond histories of tension to grasp opportunities for creativity, community and growth?

Friday 4 November 2016

09.30   Registration and coffee
10.00   Susanna Abse

Keynote - Embracing leadership and organisation - why therapists need the collective
Leaders in therapeutic institutions often describe the task of management as like "hirding cats". Therapists, in order to carry out their role, are required to be highly autonomous yet, within the context of our institutions, need to accept leadership and authority and value institutional and management tasks. Hierarchies within therapeutic organisations frequently value intellectual leadership and authority, neglecting to value or respect the management role. This presentation will explore the challenges of leadership within the therapeutic world offering some ways forward that can engender greater participation and empowerment within our institutions leading to reform, renewal and organisational growth.
11.00   Coffee
11.30   Professor Russ Vince

Keynote - Rethinking leadership in psychotherapy organizations: the challenges and possibilities for change
In this presentation Russ Vince will review current thinking about leadership and the role of leaders. He will speculate on the implications of this thinking for psychotherapy organisations. Generally speaking, psychotherapy organisations and departments often struggle with leadership: there is confusion about the role of leaders as well as conflict arising from responses to leadership in action. He will argue that insights from the therapeutic field are important in understanding the emotional, relational and political context within which effective leadership is provided. Such insights can underpin productive authority relations and practices that offer opportunities to transform the way we think about and deliver leadership.
12.30   Lunch (not Included)
13.45   Discussion
14:15   Richard Atienza-Hawkes

Workshop: How can we think about your own organisational issues?
Your organisational issues might range widely from the need for a more appropriate administrative team to plans for strategic development; from splits and discord at committee level to ways of expanding your training offering. In this workshop, delivered via the method of the 'structured enquiry' you will have the opportunity to explore four themes that relate to your own organizational aspirations. Our aim is for you to arrive at a sense of clarity about what you want your organization to accomplish, what is thwarting this and how to think freshly about the fulfillment of those objectives. We will consider:
  • Your personal desires for your organisation, how these are framed, with whom they are shared and what they will deliver
  • An examination of the pathways to fulfilling these objectives: what's in the way?
  • Forming a strategic direction: how can your work with others on these goals?
  • Managing change: how much change do you believe is needed? How can you predict and prepare for the effects of such change?
15.30   Tea
15:45   Richard Atienza-Hawkes

Workshop - Continued
17.00   End

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