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Men on the Couch

With Rotimi Akinsete, Paul Atkinson, Andy Metcalf, Dr Eyal Rozmarin and Professor Andrew Samuels

Saturday 23 September 2017 - London

09.30   Registration and coffee
10.00   Professor Andrew Samuels

Men as therapists: motivation, mission, mystery
Why do men become therapists? Many motives have been tabled over the years. Are male therapists making reparation for their aggressive impulses? Are they identified with the maternal? Or are these ideas caricatures of ordinary capacities to care? Can anything specific be said about how men understand their roles (their missions!) as therapists? What is the shadow of male involvement in therapy work, bearing in mind that sexual misconduct is, statistically, usually carried out by male therapists - and that power dynamics are present in therapy relationships?
11.15   Coffee
11.45   Dr Eyal Rozmarin

Fathers don't cry: gender as abandonment
Psychoanalysis is founded on the notion of a son wishing to kill his father but I will argue that patriarchy is anchored on the logos that it is actually the son who is sacrificeable. With the Oedipal concept and its progeny - the death drive - psychoanalysis projects and inverts this patriarchal principle into a presumed norm. This presentation will attempt to challenge this manoeuver. I will talk about Freud's "Thoughts for the times on war and death," report on a scene involving a little boy and his mother, and tell how the biblical story of Samson signified something crucial for one of my patients. I will try to address through these stories what it is like working with men in psychoanalysis.
13.00   Lunch (not Included)
14:00   Paul Atkinson and Andy Metcalf

Between Men
This presentation will explore the way men tend to handle emotional pain and vulnerability in therapy, from the point of view of both the client and the male therapist. We will talk about some common themes of defensiveness - the way men cut off and avoid feelings and intimacy, our lack of emotional and personal vocabulary, our dependence on the "rational" and on doing, the use of women to represent psychological and emotional life. We will also want to think about themes of emotional courage and openness, and the deeply moving, transformative experiences of exposure and trust which often develop in therapeutic work between men. Andy and Paul will speak out of their experience as therapists working with individual men, couples and men's therapy groups as well as a long history of involvement with the men's movement.
15.00   Tea
15:20   Rotimi Akinsete

Black Men on the Couch
Black Men on the Couch is a unique program that aids in self-reflection, discovery and personal growth for black and minority men that was designed by Rotimi Akinsete. Via this live therapy session he will talk to a special guest about the experience of being a Black man in Britain, offering insights into that specific experience and the experience of being a man in therapy.
16.00   Black Men on the Couch discussion
16.40   Panel discussion
17.00   End

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