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Filling the Void
Psychotherapeutic skills for working with obesity

With Speakers: Professor Julia Buckroyd, Professor Julia Buckroyd and Em Farrell

Saturday 22 July 2017 - London

09.30   Registration and coffee
10.00   Professor Julia Buckroyd

When food is love
Psychological understanding is almost absent from popular or mainstream reactions to obesity. Most responses are largely behavioural and remarkably unsuccessful. Yet alongside is the commonly accepted notion of comfort eating; many people can acknowledge self-medication with food. This presentation will argue that insecure attachment creates in many people a need for a substance or activity which will substitute for self-soothing and relationship. The desire for the other, for love and relationship becomes in obesity distorted into a desire for food. For clients food 'takes the waiting out of wanting' and becomes an endlessly repeated strategy for life management.
11.15   Coffee
11.45   Professor Julia Buckroyd

Finding better strategies than food for life management
It has been my experience that clients who rely heavily on food for day to day life management need an emotional education. This workshop provides an opportunity to think about a series of basic understandings including body awareness, emotional vocabulary, internal dialogues and strategies for self-soothing and how the client can be engaged in a process of learning which will enable self-soothing and the positive use of others. This process offers the client an alternative way of dealing with everyday problems without recourse to food, so that food can lose its overvalued importance and be reduced to an ordinary pleasure.
13.00   Lunch break (Lunch not included)
14.15   Em Farrell

Society, food and myths about obesity

In this theoretical session we will think about the role of fat in our society, and how the body of the therapist and patient relate to each other. This will lead to an exploration of some common issues around eating disorders, some of the myths around obesity, and to a consideration of how to work with weight in the consulting room.
15.15   Tea
15.45   Em Farrell

Food and anxiety pathways in the body
In this experiential workshop, we will do some exercises to encourage awareness and understanding of anxiety pathways in the body, followed by thinking about some common non-verbal defences. We will then do some work in dyads exploring this and if time here may be an opportunity for someone to present some case material to the group.
17.00   End

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