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My Most Remarkable Session

Saturday 14 January 2017

09.30   Registration and coffee
10.00   Dr Anne Alvarez

Rebirth of Psychic Life
This clinical example illustrates a particular form of aliveness where coming to life seems to involve an interpersonal relationship and the life is facilitated by someone else. My somewhat recovered, yet still often very empty autistic patient said something on the way to the consulting room which I at first thought was a recurrence of one of his old long abandoned autistic verbal rituals. I then realized I was wrong and that in fact it had been full of feeling, and he proceeded to explain, so that it became clear that it was full of meaning too. I then responded accordingly, and he came even more to life. This moment shifted not only shifted my work with him, but my understanding of the importance of the intrapersonal as the source of psychic-life and the inter-personal in transformative moments.
11.15   Coffee
11.45   Professor Andrew Samuels

A Transformational Dream
In late 1974, a few months into the work, my first 'training patient' brought a very short dream which changed - and continues to influence - my attitude to psychotherapy. I want to share multiple understandings of this dream with the hope of learning even more about it. The dream presaged some of my subsequent professional preoccupations. For example, the Wounded Healer, embodied countertransference involving the therapist's vulnerability, sexuality within therapy, pluralism as a clinical ethos, and, more recently, the specific role of the client in therapy. I now see that all supposed 'theorising' arises from personal experiences and I will also say something about that.
13.00   Lunch (not Included)
14:15   Dr Valerie Sinason

Paradigm shifts that come when a co-constructed reality is threatened or deepened
Working in the fields of disability, dissociation and trauma, with almost every patient I have had the privilege to work with, there has been something profound I have learned that has impacted on me and changed me. Equally, or sometimes more profoundly, has been where I did not ask myself why I was not affected by a particular patient only to find the serious reason later. And sometimes not. Some of these moments I have had permission to write about , some I have not and probably never will; some are too raw and precious in the moment to be spoken about. Some could be damaging to other patients, to colleagues, to society. This talk will be a journey around the title and what it has brought up, the clear themes that have emerged and the paradigm shifts that come when a co-constructed reality is threatened or deepened.
15.30   Tea
15:45   Patrick Casement

Some Key Moments of Containment
Patrick Casement will describe some occasions when he urgently needed to understand what was happening for a patient to get a sense of how to handle what was being enacted. These moments were more a matter of gaining insight for management than for offering an interpretation. The patient's response in each case indicated that they valued feeling understood more than they might have benefited from being told what could be in their unconscious. This insight led to a broader sense of what may facilitate change.
17.00   End

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