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Can I Really do This?
What are rules of psychotherapy and are they negotiable?

Saturday 25 March 2017

09.30   Registration and coffee
10.00   Dr Maggie Turp

Received wisdom and the challenge to integrity
In psychoanalysis, as in all disciplines, there is a tendency for certain concepts and practices to acquire the status of received wisdom, such that a practitioner who calls them into question risks professional exclusion. Drawing on personal and clinical experience, Maggie Turp will explore two prevalent examples of received wisdom in contemporary psychoanalysis: the idea that psychic reality should be privileged over external reality and the belief in the transference interpretation as the primary - or sole - transformational element in the therapeutic relationship.
11.00   Coffee
11.30   Dr Calum Neill

Ethical Dilemma: Codes of Practice, why they don't work and why we need them
The very term 'ethics' falters unhelpfully in its usage. On a common sense level, we all know what we mean when we hear or use the term but in practice it signifies both a mode of responding and, increasingly, a set of guidelines or strictures which advise upon or govern our responding. Not only are these usages of the term different, they are, arguably, in opposition to each other. This presentation will consider this opposition and the extent to which it might be configured as productive, rather than simply contradictory. It will do this by drawing on John Keats's famous rumination on 'negative capability' and Jacques Lacan's pronouncements on ethics in his seventh seminar, working to establish an understanding of the relationship between regulation and responsibility and what this might mean for therapeutic practice.
12.30   Discussion
13.00   Lunch (not Included)
14:15   Chris Oakley

Sexual desire and the psychoanalytic tie
The existential analyst Medard Boss had a favourite question "Why not?" Indeed, why not have sex with those that come to see us for analysis? This will be an attempt to flesh out what is critically at stake in this: the issue of power in the relationship; the issue of illusion that Freud was so adamant with regard to: the issue of trance, the light hypnotic state that psychoanalysis provokes; and finally the issue of the relationship itself, converging on the question as to whether it is a relationship at all.
15.15   Tea
15:30   Dr Julia Buckroyd

Balancing authenticity and ethics: being myself and behaving myself
I wonder if you can remember what brought you to therapy training in the first place. What idealism or wish to help or need of better tools for helping, made you choose that route for development? Who were your models - your tutors, your therapist(s) and supervisors? And where are you now? Have you been on a long and continuing journey to find your own way - and do you worry from time to time whether what you do and the way you do it is allowed? Can you be yourself? Do you behave yourself?
16.30   Discussion
17.00   End

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