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Autumn 2013


All London events between 16 September and 16 December 2013:- The Wounded Healer, Psychotherapy and Soul, Assessment and Treatment of PTSD, The Affronting Patient, Intergenerational Trauma (49 hrs CPD)     

Psychotherapy and Soul
Contemporary perspectives on spirituality and the transpersonal in clinical practice

Monday evenings 16 September - 28 October 2013
In recent years, there has been a wave of renewed interest in teachings that have been long held by mystical and indigenous traditions. Concomitantly there has been a widening and deepening of the terrain for therapy with a greater emphasis on the nature of consciousness and reality.

The Gift of the Wounded Healer
An exploration of the clinical qualities and personal risks that arise from the psychotherapist's own experience of suffering

Saturday 28 September 2013
This event invites experienced clinicians to explore how we should position ourselves in relation to a patient's perceived misdemeanours or convicted crimes.

The Assessment and Treatment of PTSD from an Attachment Perspective
A one-day seminar led by Dr Felicity de Zulueta

Saturday 19 October 2013
This seminar, led by Dr Felicity de Zulueta - one of the UK's foremost experts on working with PTSD, complex PTSD and dissociative disorders - offers an appraisal of contemporary psychotherapeutic approaches to working with trauma and the most recent developments in our understanding of how trauma is embedded in the mind-body system.

The Affronting Patient
Working with people whose behaviour is ethically disturbing

Saturday 2 November 2013
This event invites experienced clinicians to explore how we should position ourselves in relation to a patient's perceived misdemeanours or convicted crimes.

Evoking Resilience - Strategies, skills and insights for finding strengths in the face of adversity
A 1-day training day led by Dr Chris Johnstone

Saturday 30 November 2013
This one-day workshop explores ways of helping our clients grow in their ability to withstand and recover from adversity.

Intergenerational Trauma
Recognising and healing cycles of ancestral pain

Monday evenings 4 November - 16 December 2013
Hidden, and often shrouded in shame and silence, the traumas of our parents, grand-parents and ancestors are deeply woven into the psychological fabric of the living, operating within the psyche as an unseen but potent force, often manifesting as a psychological fixity that leads to vulnerability throughout life.

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