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Shamanic Approaches in Modern Psychotherapy

With Dr Angela Cotter, Christa Mackinnon, Dr Tim Read and Laurie Slade

Saturday 9 April 2016

08.30   Social Dreaming Matrix led by Laurie Slade
09.45   Registration and coffee
10.00   Christa Mackinnon

Bridging the Worlds: the Ancient Shamanic and the Contemporary Therapeutic
This presentation provides an overview over traditional and contemporary shamanism and outlines the psycho-spiritual teachings, approaches and tools indigenous traditions offer. The talk will focus on the shamanic world-view of life as an interconnected, multi-layered energetic web and the view of the human within this web, consisting of a spirit essence potentiality, a specific soul and a manifested body/mind. It will then discuss the shamanic concept of 'health' defined as 'wholeness', and its implications for the shaman's psychospiritual healing approaches. Lastly it will outline some specific ancient psycho-spiritual tools that can be applied within the field of contemporary therapy.
11.00   Coffee
11.30   Dr Tim Read

The healing power of non-ordinary states of consciousness
Non-ordinary states of consciousness are found in everyday life, in crisis, in psychiatric emergencies and in spiritual emergence These states, that we might call numinous, can be beautiful or terrifying, sacred or dread-filled. They can cause breakdown but, if carefully negotiated, they carry enormous potential for accelerated psychological development and deeper integration. Traditionally shamans have walked between the two worlds of everyday and non-ordinary consciousness; nowadays we have a range of techniques available to assist our explorations. But where do these journeys take us? The parallels with shamanic journeying and the potential of modern psychotherapy will be considered.
12.30   Dr Angela Cotter

In my head the song that has not been sung: how shamanism can offer new therapeutic perspectives while respecting older traditions
In this presentation, Angela Cotter will start with Jung's discussion of shamanism and why he saw this focus as important for our time. She will then move on to her own training in Celtic and other forms of shamanism, where the former is one of the approaches in the UK nearest to an indigenous tradition and speaks to her own heritage. The paper will trace her personal journey through working with dream-like trance states of consciousness with specific clients to a more integrated approach in her clinical practice. Drawing on these insights, she will focus on how other psychotherapists can use shamanic approaches, and the training that is needed.
13.30   Lunch
14:45   Workshops

You may choose 1 workshop on registering at the start of the day

A Dr Angela Cotter
Systemic ritual: bringing a shamanic approach to working with groups

This workshop will work with systemic ritual, an embodied way of working in groups devised by Daan van Kampenhout that brings a shamanic approach to family and systemic constellations work. Working sometimes in the whole group and sometimes in smaller groups, participants will explore relevant issues using the ground plan of the four directions. The workshop will include a short introduction to both systemic ritual and the four directions.

B Dr Tim Read
The Cispersonal Journey

This workshop develops the theme of the cispersonal psyche as a border area between the individual and transpersonal. We will begin with a meditation before taking an explorative journey of active imagination together. This is followed by three brief practices to illustrate the importance of integration.

C Christa Mackinnon
The shamanic journey as a therapeutic tool

In this workshop participants are invited to experience a contemporary shamanic journey in order to connect with their own power animal, a spirit ally from the lower world. The workshop will include a brief introduction to journeying, which can be adjusted to provide a process orientated therapeutic tool, explain the ‘three worlds’, which we can access via the shamanic journey and provide some teaching about the helping spirit forces available. It will also offer tools to integrate the outcome of the power animal journey individually, and discussion space within the group.

16.30   Plenary
17.00   End

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