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Psychotherapy and Soul
Contemporary perspectives on spirituality and the transpersonal in clinical practice

Monday evenings 16 September - 28 October 2013

Monday 16 September 2013
Ruthie Smith

Psychotherapy in the quantum era: soul connecting and the multidimensional clinical terrain
This lecture will reflect upon contemporary ideas about the awakening of consciousness, the nature of matter and energy and ways that science is elucidating many ancient wisdom traditions. Alongside the importance of integrating work with the body and emotions there appears to be an increase in spiritual and transpersonal phenomena presenting in the consulting room, which stretches and widens the therapist's view. The lecture will explore how we can connect with the level of the soul and multidimensional experiences when we allow a natural flow and unfolding to occur.

Monday 23 September 2013
Wendy Bratherton

BodySoul Rhythms
In the Zarathrustra Seminars, CG Jung says "Soul and body are not two things, they are one". The experience of BodySoul work helps therapists deepen into their own practice and also widens their perspectives, so that they may listen and relate from an embodied place to the spiritual and soul nature of patients/clients. We shall explore how this integrative approach, rooted in the work of Jung, brings together mind, body, spirit and soul. BodySoul work was developed by Canadian Jungian Analyst Marion Woodman.

Monday 30 September 2013
Rupert Sheldrake

Extended minds: recent experimental evidence
We are usually told that our minds are confined to the insides of our heads, but they seem to extend far beyond our brains through our perceptions and intentions. Minds are also extended in time, and our memories may not be stored in our brains, but accessed through a kind of resonance. Individual and collective memories may differ in degree rather than in kind. This talk explores ideas and evidence.

Monday 7 October 2013
Alan Mulhern

The spirit in psychotherapy and our healing intelligence
Deep emotional wounds, although subject to understanding, frequently resist healing. Healing intelligence is a natural force in the psyche but can be blocked. This talk aims to help practitioners understand more of this natural intelligence in order to work more effectively at depth. We explore where the capacity to heal lies in the psyche, how to maximise the healing potential of the deeply wounded client, and the crucial role of the therapist. The transpersonal dimension of psychotherapy is emphasised.

Monday 14 October 2013
Angela Cotter

What earthly good is it? The promises and pitfalls of spirituality in psychotherapy in contemporary practice
The contemporary world offers great potential in terms of new developments in spirituality. However, as many traditional Western collective forms of religion decline, there is also the hazard that the Wisdom contained particularly in relation to mystical practice will be forgotten. Within the West, as new expressions of spirituality are discovered and uncovered, anchors are needed to ground the related experiences, to embody them and to work creatively with them in everyday life. This is particularly important in light of the fact that spirituality can, for some, be a refuge from trauma, inadvertently encouraging dissociation. This talk will explore relevant teachings from a range of different perspectives, both traditional and more contemporary, that can help psychotherapists work with spiritual experience in themselves and their clients. It will be illustrated with Angela's own and others' individual experience of wrestling with these issues over the years.

Monday 21 October 2013
Mary-Jayne Rust

Gaia the soul of our planet, spirituality and therapy
At the roots of our ecological crisis lies a spiritual crisis in relation to earth. Many religions set earth and spirit apart; transcendence is often seen as a rising above the messy dark nature of emotion, body and earth, towards a 'pure' realm of spirit. The current ecological emergency challenges us to reunite what has been split apart, to find spiritual awakening here on earth. But this involves facing daily conflict between short-term self-interest and long term planetary well-being. How do we find these issues entering into therapy and how do we work with them?

Monday 28 October 2013
Christa Mackinnon

Ceremonial work for change, integration and transformation in psychotherapeutic practice
This talk explores the utilisation of ceremony within therapeutic practice. Ceremony is a vehicle to become aware of, re-connect with and integrate aspects of our multi-dimensional selves, our conscious self and our unconscious patterns, with something deeper and higher, which we can call our soul or - in shamanic terms - 'spirit'. In ceremony we enter into a symbolic enactment in a holistic way; and what we enact has deep meaning for our inner world and helps us to implement the change we desire. During this talk Christa Mackinnon will introduce the underlying concept of ceremony, outline some well-known spiritual ceremonies and teach the steps to create and adapt simple ceremonies for therapeutic work.


Whole series (self funded): £216
Whole series (organisationally funded): £320
Individual seminars: £40
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