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Lost and Gained in Translation
A 1-day conference exploring the nature of giving or receiving psychotherapy in a non-mother tongue language

Saturday 15 June 2013

Saturday 15 June 2013
10.00   Dr Beverley Costa

KEYNOTE - Psychotherapy across Languages
Ever-increasing numbers of multilingual people are accessing counselling and psychotherapy services, and we see a corresponding rise of multilingual therapists practicing across languages. This session will consider the implications and challenges for therapists of training and practicing in a non-native language and, correspondingly, the complexities for patients or clients receiving therapy in a language that is not their mother-tongue. Referring to research on second language acquisition and important insights into the psychological functions of defense and self-protection, we will consider how speaking more than one language impacts on our sense of identities and the ways in which we encode and express emotions. These observations open up new ways of exploring therapeutic change for multilingual clients and we will consider the implications for effective practice through case examples.
11.15   Coffee
11.45   Dr Zack Eleftheriadou

KEYNOTE - Linguistic Layers in Cross-Cultural Psychotherapy
Using a psychodynamic framework, this presentation will examine the richness of language in the cross-cultural therapeutic context. There is potential of loss of connection and meaning when a second language is being used, but there can also be much gained if the conscious and unconscious communication from the client can be heard and considered carefully via both expressed and silent communications. We will reflect on whether events experienced in one language can be expressed in another and if so, whether the emotional charge of that communication changes. Since language is learnt in a relational context therefore we will also consider how these dynamics manifest in the intersubjective space.
13.00   Lunch break
14.15   Dr Beverley Costa

WORKSHOP - Mental health clinicians and interpreters: training to work effectively together
Traditionally, clinical work such as psychotherapy is conducted between two people, and the idea of incorporating a third into the therapeutic relationship can be unsettling. Therapists and interpreters frequently describe situations when they have had no training in working together and have expressed concerns about the thought of working with each other. This session is aimed at clinicians who want to work effectively together with interpreters by providing ideas and a reflective space to think about the best way in which a collaborative relationship can be formed for the best outcome possible for patient. Theory will be illustrated by case studies and a series of "disaster" scenario, demonstration role plays designed to illustrate positive ways of working therapeutically as a triad, including issues of power, the extent, limitations and professional boundaries of the roles, communicating with interpreters about the nature of therapeutic change, and the relationship between the interpreter and the mental health professional. A series of guidelines and suggested code of practice will be discussed.
17.00   End

Self-funded £144
Organisationally-funded : £240
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Certificates of Attendance for 6 hours will be provided at the event

Park Crescent Conference Centre
229 Great Portland Street

09.30 Registration
10.00 Start
17.00 End

Tea, herbal drinks, coffee and biscuits will be served