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Psychotherapeutic insights into resolving intergenerational trauma

An international conference

31 May and 1 June 2014

Saturday 31 May 2014
09.30   Registration and coffee
10.00   Dr Jean-Max Gaudillière

Time-quakes and madness
This presentation will be of interest to those who wonder about the mysterious and essential link that connects the story of the individual - whether therapist or patient - to our wider history, and how this can become a key way of understanding anxiety disorders and madness. We each of us have ghosts that seem to claim the rights of the dead we never knew. Based on extensive research and 30 years clinical experience with hospitalised patients, Jean-Max Gaudilliere will explain how the transmission of trauma between generations can be understood in the context of unbearable and unformulated social history. He will introduce the notion of a "time-quake" - a stoppage of time - as a way of conceptualising this.
11.15   Coffee
11.45   Dr Françoise Davoine

Healing Intergenerational trauma with psychoanalytic listening
With reference to clinical accounts and literature (in particular Cervantes' Don Quixote and Sterne's Tristram Shandy) this presentation will explore the narrative reliability of the word, and how it can be the vehicle of lies, seduction and secrets, abuse and crimes when the truth is impossible to accept. Having to encounter the world as it is often requires the production of delusion. Good listeners are psychoanalysts who receive clinical stories as 'quixotic', explanatory diversions that may express the trauma of past generations.
13.00   Lunch break (lunch is not included at this event)
14.15   Dr Clara Mucci

Past generations, trauma, loss and the modes of psychic transmission
This presentation will examine the paths that intergenerational trauma might take as it transmits from one generation to the next: through silence and denial; through the impossibility of working through trauma and loss and through dissociation as one of the major responses to trauma. Clinical material will be drawn upon from Clara Mucci's own practice and also from such authors as Giovanni Liotti, Dori Laub, Ilany Kogan, Philip Bromberg and Allan Schore.
15.15   Tea
15.45   Vivian Broughton

Intergenerational traumatic entanglement (Workshop)
There is increasing attention on understanding trauma as a central psychotherapeutic issue, the question of whether trauma can be resolved and what 'resolution' actually means. The transgenerational component increases the complexity of these questions. In this workshop we will consider the mechanism by which we become entangled in the traumas of earlier generations and ask how therapy can access pre-verbal and unconscious material more deeply. New developments in multi-generational psycho-traumatology, developed by Franz Ruppert, which allow access to and integration of such intergenerational material, will be theorised and demonstrated.
17.30   End

Sunday 1 June 2014
08.15   Social dreaming matrix led by Laurie Slade
09.30   Registration and coffee
10.00   Dr Isha Mackenzie-Mavinga

Black Rage and internalised oppression, the impact of intergenerational racism
Racism continues to cause and compound trauma and depression. It is often forgotten that slavery was damaging for both the perpetrators and the enslaved. While both parties have played a significant role in moving on from this atrocity, silences about the impact of slavery and colonialism on developmental processes can mean that clients may not have appropriate support for the intergenerational impact of this collective trauma. In her book, Black Issues in the Therapeutic Process Isha devised the concept of recognition trauma, presented as a challenge to dominant Eurocentric theory and attitudes, when working with family origins, cultural context and intergenerational trauma. This presentation considers the inherited effects of slavery and colonialism as an influence on mental health in the narratives of African/Caribbean psychotherapy clients. From this a question evolves. Does the helper educate or facilitate?
11.30   Coffee
12.00   Dr Clara Mucci

Past generations, trauma, loss and moving beyond the victim-persecutor dyad
This presentation builds on Clara Mucci’s theoretical discussion of Saturday and considers psychoanalytic treatment approaches for the effects of the traumatic experiences in the lives of parents, grandparents and ancestors. One clinical challenge is the decreasing clarity, symbolisation, narrative formulation of the original trauma as it passes from generation to generation. Somatic awareness or even psychosis may be the only way that it is expressed. Equally striking is a tendency towards victim-persecutor relational dynamics. We will look at the possibility of raising these effects to consciousness, easing symptoms and ultimately going beyond these dynamics into greater psychic freedom.
13.30   Lunch break (lunch is not included at this event)
14.45   Maya Jacobs-Wallfisch

The wounds of history in the consulting room
The focus of this workshop is to offer participants a reflective and experiential space in which to consider the impact and legacy of 'unbelonging' in the context of trans-generational trauma. Maya will begin with a paper in which she examines the transgenerational routes of her subjective experience of 'unbelonging'. She gives an historical account of her experience of loss in the aftermath of the holocaust, and offers an analysis of the effects on her personal experience and work as a psychotherapist. This paper will be followed by some reflective space where participants are invited to free-associate on their subjective and clinical experience in the light of this discussion.
16.30   Panel Discussion
17.00   End

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