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The Therapist's Well-Being
Self-protective strategies for maintaining your health
A one-day seminar facilitated by
Dr David Beales

Saturday 22 March 2014

09.30   Registration and Coffee

Introduction to the science on the effect of sustained pressure (stress) on the mind-body interface
The impact of emotional pressure on the individual's internal physiological stability will be explored, using the language of applied Psycho-Neuro-Immunology (PNI). We will look at how intermittent or sustained strain - where the individual is beyond the limit of their tolerance and anxiety - triggers specific and potentially damaging signals between the mind and body. An introduction to the relationship between the nervous, endocrine and immune systems will be offered. We will consider the effect of negative emotions in functional somatic syndromes such as Irritable Bowel, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Pain and Persistent Fatigue.
11.15   Coffee

Tuning your ability to notice fight-flight-freeze and fold responses in your work
The influence of memories of similar past events associated with high physiological arousal on your current responses will be examined, and the essential need for fight-flight-freeze and fold responses that support survival. Recognising and knowing the difference between healthy appropriate stress responses and unhelpful, learned responses will be discussed as an essential part of the self-regulation required for health.

Recognising your unique stress vulnerability profile
In order to reduce the negative effect of sustained stress on your self-regulatory capacity it is important to be able to notice yourself moving into a stress/struggle state and take avoiding action. We will consider how you can check your burn out and resilience levels and begin to shape your preventative skills and strategies. Techniques to counteract negative emotional states such as anger, panic attack disorder, and asthma will be discussed.
13.00   Lunch (Lunch not included)

How to preserve robust immune responses
A range of techniques for self-regulation will be further detailed, from mindfulness-based cognitive behavioural therapy to biofeedback. A brief demonstration of capnography (the measurement of carbon dioxide in the out breath) will be given, demonstrating the effect of breathing exercises to reset the stress response and optimise heart rate variability.
15.00   Break

This last session will provide a space for you to consider your personal needs in more depth and to develop a future strategy for managing your mind-body states and moving from fight, flight, fold and fear responses to calm strength and resilience. Our commitment is for you to leave the seminar having a clearer sense of how you will choose to act in future to maintain your optimum physical and emotional health, and with an understanding of the importance of this for your ongoing health.
17.00   End

Self-funded: £120
Organisationally-funded: £200
CPD Hours

Certificates of Attendance for 6 hours will be provided at the event

The Grange Fitzrovia Hotel
20-28 Bolsover Street

Registration: 09.30
Start: 10.00
End: 17.00