The video of the live event will be available to watch on our website, with no additional software or downloads necessary. After purchasing the ticket, you’ll be given a unique login to a password protected page on our website where the video will be shown (in real-time on the day and for 1 month after the event).

We’ll have a specialised AV team on-site at these specific events, making sure you get the benefit of high quality production, with good visual and sound quality.  You will of course also be able to view any slide presentations being shown.  Any supporting handouts, articles or book recommendations from the speakers will be made available to download or sent onto you once they are available.

After purchasing the ticket type, all you have to do is:

  • 1 – Keep your email booking confirmation handy.  This contains the direct link (URL) to the page where the video will be displayed.
  • 2 – On the day of the event (or during the 1 month window of access after) click this URL link…
  • 3 – Enter your personal login details (these will have been emailed to you once the purchase is complete).
  • 4 – You’ll then be taken directly to the specific event page, where the live (or recorded) video will be ready for you to watch.
  • NB – If you have any issues or questions, please email ‘’ or contact us on 0207 535 7595.