Adverse Childhood Experiences: Igniting Resilience and Hope – Applying a Trauma Informed Approach to Adverse Childhood Experiences

Friday 20 (Eve) & Saturday 21 March 2020 - London

With speakers Tiane Graziottin, Ebinehita Iyere, Amanda McIntyre, Sakhile Mpofu, Mpume Mpofu, Dr Graham Music, Simon Partridge, Jocelyne Quennell, Judith Rees, Dr Jonathon Tomlinson and Dr Felicity de Zulueta


This conference will address the highly topical issue of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and a therapeutic modality called Trauma Informed Care (TIC), which has been found to be highly effective in addressing these.




Friday 20th March 2020


Dr Felicity de Zulueta
An introduction to the idea behind the ACE’s movement and the transformative power of resilience and hope.

Dr Graham Music
Resilience: Minds Brains, Bodies and Health
ACE’s research has been around for some years now, but we are living in exciting moments with regard to linked research. Cutting-edge findings from a wide range of disciplines are helping to make sense of how adverse experiences, particularly early ones, have a long-term effect on physiological and psychological health, and the specific mechanisms of action whereby psychological stress and trauma take root right down to a cellular level with devastating consequences. Such insights guide us to potentially effective interventions aimed at a variety of psychological and physiological sites.

Documentary Film: Resilience
As this new documentary reveals, toxic stress can trigger hormones that damage the brains and bodies of children, putting them at a greater risk for disease, homelessness, prison, and early death. While the broader impacts of poverty worsen the risk, no segment of society is immune. The film, however, also chronicles how innovative thinkers in paediatrics, education, and social welfare are using cutting-edge science and field-tested therapies to protect children from the long-term effects of toxic stress

Group Reflections on the film With Dr Felicity de Zulueta, Dr Graham Music, Ebinehita Iyere and chaired by Jocelyne Quennell


Saturday 21 March 2020

Registration and Coffee

Dr Felicity de Zulueta
Adverse Childhood Experiences and the Importance of Attunement
Felicity will demonstrate how trauma or “toxic stress” in childhood is not just an event that took place sometime in the past. It is also the imprint left by that experience on the mind, brain and body of the survivor. In so doing, she will address important aspects of working in a Trauma Informed Care system (TIC), in particular the need to develop in survivors the capacity to attune and mentalize, something crucial to resilience building as it reduces sensory dysregulation and increases the capacity to form good relationships.

Judith Rees and Amanda McIntyre
For Baby’s Sake: Trauma Informed Care for Expectant Parents
What are the hallmarks of Trauma Informed Care and why is it transformational? These questions will be answered through a presentation on For Baby’s Sake, an innovative, holistic whole family programme starting in pregnancy that works with both mothers and fathers to break the cycle of domestic abuse. Through support to process their feelings (including shame about past experiences and behaviours) and to provide attuned parenting at a vital time for their baby’s brain development, we will show how they are empowered to build resilience for themselves and their family.


A panel chaired by Tiane Graziottin with Simon Partridge
ACEs: Survivors speak out
This will provide a rare platform for three survivors of childhood adversity, including youth violence, domestic abuse and private boarding school. Participants will convey something of their experience, and how it was or wasn’t recognised or treated within the health care system.


A Review of Resources

Dr Jonathon Tomlinson
Hope and Salutogenesis: a simple framework for patients and professionals coping with the effects of trauma in primary care

Jocelyne Quennell and Ebinehita lyere
Therapeutic Wellbeing Practice: innovations in child mental health, emotional wellbeing and community healing

Judith Rees
Adapting ACEs to current reality by improving cultural competence


Sakhile Mpofu & Mpume Mpofu
How Learning Provides Fertile Ground for Post-Traumatic Growth in Children and Young People
In showing how we can improve the life chances of children and young people in the community, Sakhile will demonstrate how he has used his background in neurobiology and behavioural sciences to work with educational institutions to recognise the need for a Trauma Informed Learning Environment. Demonstrating the work of the iCoN programme, Mpume will then demonstrate why it is essential to support and teach the adults involved with children and young people in order to enable positive outcomes.

PLENARY – Chaired by Jocelyne Quennell
Hope, compassion, resilience and next steps
The final plenary session will provide an opportunity to reflect the whole experience of the conference and consider the implications of a Trauma Informed Approach to Adverse Childhood Experiences.



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