A Diploma in Practising Energy Psychotherapy

Phil Mollon – Basic Acupoint Tapping Demonstration

In this video, Phil Mollon demonstrates a ‘toolkit’ of well-known acupoint tapping protocols:

  • The 15 acupoints, their location, significance, which meridians / ’vessels’ they relate to and their emotional correlates, and how tapping on these points releases stress and brings about free association of the mind / body.
  • EFT including the 9 gamut method: Identifying an issue and releasing the feelings and bodily sensations through tapping on acupoints.
  • The ‘table top’ metaphor: This starts with a ‘global’ issue ( the ‘table top’) and then focuses on the underlying structure of the problem – (the ‘table legs’ ) finding the underpinning key feelings, thoughts and core beliefs about the self, and the relevant childhood experiences which link to the past and give rise to the problem.
  • The ‘tearless trauma’ technique (Gary Craig) tapping on the above ‘targets’ using ‘therapeutic dissociation’ – a valuable technique for enabling the clearing of intense trauma without re-traumatising – ‘a way of approaching hazardous clinical material safely and gently’.

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Dr Phil Mollon

Phil Mollon PhD is a psychoanalyst and psychotherapist, with a background profession of clinical psychology. He has worked in the NHS for 35 years. The author of ten books, Dr Mollon has written and lectured widely on trauma, shame, narcissism, and Kohut’s self psychology.