Women On The Couch

With Module Speakers:
Roz CarrollJocelyn ChaplinProphecy ColesMarie-Helene Dalila-BoyleLuise EichenbaumMarion GreenMaria LazopoulouGail LewisSissy LykouDr Isha Mckenzie-MavingaAnna MotzDr Susie OrbachEmma PalmerAnna SantamourisFoluke TaylorDr Maggie TurpHeba Zaphiriou-Zarifi,

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The core of these seminars were held in the aftershock of the 2018 #MeToo and ‘Time’s Up’ campaigns – an explosive moment in the history of gender relations that revealed not only the extent of institutionalised abuse perpetrated by powerful men, but also how a conspiracy of silence spanning decades had left survivors traumatised and abandoned.