Present With Suffering Book Launch

Thursday 25 November 2021 – Book Launch

Join us to celebrate the publication of ‘Present with Suffering’ by Nigel Wellings and Elizabeth Wilde McCormick, published by Confer Books

What is the place of discontent and unhappiness in human experience and how best can we be with it? There is something about everything that makes it not quite satisfactory. Even things we really love are spoilt by not being quite enough or by going on too long.

The Mother's Body - Live Webinar CPD Event Banner

Saturday 20 November 2021 – A Live Webinar

A live webinar with Prof Lesley Caldwell, Prof Alessandra Lemma and Prof Jean Petrucelli

The first impressions of another body, that of the mother, will lay the foundations for all future experiences of the embodied self in relation to another intimately connected person. From immersion in her uterus to the total physical dependency of infancy, this relationship lays down a life-long pattern of an embodied sense of self-and-other, and with that the development of mind.