Breaking the Trauma-Bond

Friday 18 September 2020 – A Live Webinar

An Object Relations Approach to Resistance in Treatment – Led by Dr David Celani – Chaired by Alice Waterfall

This workshop will address one of the most frustrating and often repeated events in a psychotherapist’s daily practice, when a client, who seems to be making progress, suddenly begins to aggressively defend his family of origin and angrily abandons treatment. This sudden resistance to therapy is provoked when the patient realises that s/he is pulling away from their family of origin, both internal and external, and cannot imagine surviving alone.

Embodying Power and Difference in the Clinical Relationship

Friday 11 September 2020 – A Live Webinar

A one-day exploration led by Carmen Joanne Ablack and Dr Rae Johnson – chaired by Eugene Ellis

In today’s increasingly complex and polarised social world, many psychotherapists are being called, pulled or pushed into addressing issues of social justice. This is evident in our work with clients, in our relationships with colleagues, and in our own lives.

Confronting Mortal Threat

Saturday 5 September 2020 – A Live Webinar

Dr Richard Gipps, Professor Paul Hoggett, Dr Merav Roth and Dr Estela Welldon – chaired by Anouchka Grose

As the pandemic has brought us all face to face with death, either in reality or in the imagination, we will be talking about how the mind negotiates this gross affront to our sense of survival. The sudden risk of catching a fatal illness brings out some extraordinary capacities, such as adaptation, connection, altruism, but it also amplifies the deepest fear we may have of ceasing to exist.

The Making of Destructive Leaders

Friday 31 July 2020 – A Live Webinar

With Dr James Gilligan, Dr Joy Schaverien and Dr Felicity de Zulueta

In a year of multiple crises in many Western democracies, from the Covid-19 pandemic to the uprisings against racism, to the unfolding economic disaster that is a product of austerity, many will be asking the question: what type of person is governing us?

The Highly Sensitive Person in Psychotherapy

Saturday 25 July 2020 – A Live Webinar

A Workshop with Dr Elaine Aron, Dr Art Aron and Dr Michael Pluess

We often think of highly sensitive people as having less structured boundaries than others: their heightened responses can be confused with poor ego function, with personality or mood disorders. But in this conference we will be looking at new work with Highly Sensitive People (HSPs) as those who have an innate trait of sensory processing sensitivity (SPS).

Understanding Reactions to the COVID-19 Pandemic

Saturday 18 July 2020 – A Live Webinar

With Stephen W. Porges, PhD and Sue Carter, PhD

The spread of the SARSCov2 virus presents an unprecedented event that rapidly introduced widespread life threat, economic de-stabilization, and social isolation. The human nervous system is tuned to detect safety and danger, integrating body and brain responses via the autonomic nervous system.

Active Imagination

Friday 17 July 2020 – A Live Webinar

With speaker Dr Murray Stein

Active imagination is one of the pillars of Jungian psychoanalysis. Along with the developmental concept of individuation, the activation of transference in the therapeutic relationship, and the interpretation of dreams, active imagination is a key component that constitutes the essence of Jungian clinical work. Paradoxically, however, active imagination has been neglected as a method by many Jungian psychoanalysts since Jung’s death in 1961.

COVID-19 Seminars

Monday 1 June – 13 July 2020 – A Live Webinar Series

With Dr Christopher Clulow, Kate Thompson, Dr Aaron Balick, Dr Reenee Singh, Anna Santamouris, Orit Badouk Epstein, Linda Graham, MFT and Laurie Slade

This series of seminars examines the impact of the current Covid-19 crisis on individuals, couples and families through the eyes of practitioners as we navigate this unprecedented and surreal shift in our lives.


Friday 26 June 2020 – A Live Webinar

Led by Frank Bock, Sandy Gee and Dr Greg Madison

This workshop explores the therapeutic and personal advantages of including an experiential dimension in psychotherapy sessions by incorporating the practice of Focusing.

Somatic Memory

Saturday 13 and 20 June 2020 – A Live Webinar

A Two-Day Workshop with Dr Janina Fisher PhD

In this workshop, we will look at how the neuroscience and attachment research of the past twenty years has transformed our notions of “memory”. We now know that “the body keeps the score,” that our most painful experiences are less often remembered than encoded in wordless somatic and emotional memories.

Conversion Hysteria

Saturday 14 March 2020 – London

A day with Adam Phillips

This one-day discussion focuses on the question of what constitutes an acceptable picture of change in psychoanalysis. We will begin with a talk by Adam in which he will explore the uses of the word “conversion” in psychoanalytic discourse and the idea of change within the thinking of key theorists.

Saturday 7 March 2020 – London

With Roz Carroll, Dr Cherionna Menzam-Sills, Dr Kathrin Stauffer, Nick Totton

This conference attempts to scrutinise the often-repeated claim that bodies remember events, speak the truth, keep the score, and do other things that were previously seen as the province of minds.

Saturday 29 February & Sunday 1 March 2020 – London

With Benjamin Fry, Dr Nuri Gene-Cos, Dr Phil Mollon, Dr Alon Reshef and Dr Yorai Sella

Previous notions of health and disease have tended to separate the mind from other organic processes. However, when we start to think of the mind as an entity that spreads throughout the body in a highly complex network of feedback loops between thoughts, feelings and chemicals then a holistic model of mental health care makes great sense.

Cafe Psy

Friday 7 February 2020 – London

A Cafe Psy discussion led by Janice Hiller

Developing and maintaining an intimate relationship is often a driving force throughout life, combining intense joy and huge disappointment. As a relationship progresses we go through different stages, underpinned by brain states that neuroscientists have begun to explore in recent years.

Saturday 1 February 2020 – London

With Antony Haynes and Dr Elisabeth Philipps

Many of us, including our psychotherapy clients, may suffer from unexplained symptoms of debilitation, and of depression, without a clear context. In fact, general practitioners say that about 25 per cent of their consultations are with patients for whom they cannot give a medical diagnosis or treatment and this can be a key issue in psychotherapy.

On Loneliness

Saturday 18 January 2020 – Dublin

With Lesley Caldwell, Dr Richard Gipps and Dr Akshi Singh

Why is it that some people never experience the emotion of loneliness, while others feel excruciating anxiety in solitude? This conference will attempt to understand aspects of an individual’s psyche that predisposes them towards either tendency. We’ll consider aloneness as a source of vulnerability, but also a necessary retreat for reflection and creativity. Our theoretical starting point is that the capacity to be alone is engendered in childhood by the consistent, repeated presence of being with another.

Saturday 14 December 2019 – London

With Dr Maria Luca, Prof Alistair Ross, Maktuno Suit and Nick Totton

The therapeutic frame has evolved over 130 years, from being a practical appointment system for a meeting between analyst and patient, to a key component of the practitioner’s skill. Traditionally, it has been seen as providing consistency, reliability, confidentiality; of preserving a screen of anonymity around the psychotherapist, which allows the patient or client the freedom to freely roam their transferences and projections onto that person.