Saturday 15 June 2019 – London

With speakers Dr Gwen Adshead and Dr Amanda Jones

This seminar aims to elaborate the significance of the mother’s emotional capacities on her baby’s forming mental health. Our two presenters will consider how far attachment, systemic and psychoanalytic theories can help us to support psychologically fragile mothers so they can grow in their capacity and confidence in offering maternal love

Saturday 22 June 2019 – London

With speakers Dr Meg-John Barker, Leah Davidson, Dominic Davies, Pamela Gawler-Wright, Amanda Middleton, Monty Moncrieff, David Richards, Laurie Slade, George Taxidis and Judy Yellin

This unique conference will explore the advances made in improving the mental health of gender, sexuality and relationship diverse (GSRD) people in the UK.

Saturday 29 June 2019 – London

With speakers Mary Morgan and Stanley Ruszczynski

This conference, inspired by our speaker Mary Morgan’s new book A Couple State of Mind (Routledge, 2019) for psychotherapists who are looking for further insight into couple relating and concepts for working with couple relationships.

Saturday 29 June – Dublin

A one-day seminar Led by Linda Cundy

This day is about the challenge faced by people who were ignored, criticised, rejected or utterly neglected within their families of origin and who thus find it difficult to form close and lasting intimate relationships in adulthood.

Saturday 6 July 2019 – London

With speakers Gabrielle Brown, Raffaella Hilty, Professor Brett Kahr, Dr Valerie Sinason and David O’Driscoll

Every psychotherapist practitioner will know only too well what it means to experience the rage and hatred of one’s most vulnerable clients and the challenges that this raises in countertransference work.

Saturday 13 July 2019 – London

With speakers Richard Curen, Dr Ronald Doctor and Katya Orrell

At this seminar we will consider two possible relationships to past traumatic events: remembering, and working-through on the one hand; repressing, disavowal and acting-out on the other, and how the tension between these can be skilfully managed in the therapy relationship.

Thursday 25 July 2019 – London

Dr Stephen Seligman in interview with Dr Anne Alvarez

Psychoanalysis has fallen on hard times. It’s unpopular among psychiatrists, leftists, and rightists alike, and the main attention it gets in universities is from a handful of literature professors. But the analytic sensibility offers a foundational ethic for the construction of a more humane, communicative society.

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Saturday 27 July 2019 – London

With speakers Dr Galit Atlas, Dr Susie Orbach and Professor Andrew Samuels

In this conference, our speakers will explore the challenging proposition that holding our future selves in mind needs to be considered a central aspect of the psychotherapeutic dialogue…

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