Neurobiology and its Applications to Psychotherapy – II

With Module Speakers:
Lucy BivenDr Nessa CareyDr Ruth LaniusDr Dianne Campbell LefevreDr Dan SiegelProfessor Mark SolmsDr Sharon StanleyProfessor Oliver TurnbullDr Alan WatkinsHenry Strick van Linschoten,

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  • A selection of brief papers summarising the theoretical history, aetiology, diagnosis and treatment of trauma and dissociation
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Lucy Biven
Treating Anxiety: a neuroscientific perspective

This talk offers an understanding of anxiety disorders that rests on research into the emotional systems that we share with all other mammals. Beginning with a brief discussion of Panksepp’s emotional taxonomy, with special emphasis on the GRIEF, FEAR & SEEKING SYSTEMS, Lucy Biven will explain how one type of anxiety is generated by issues in the FEAR system, while another separate pattern of anxiety is generated by GRIEF. The emotional, behavioural and biochemical aspects of each will be explained. The merits of both psychotherapeutic and psychotropic interventions will be discussed, including the interesting evidence that anxiety rooted in the FEAR system responds to tricyclite antidepressants, while GRIEF-based anxiety is addressed by benzodiazepin