Forensic Psychotherapy: Pathologies and Treatment Strategies for Working With Violence

With Module Speakers:
Anna MotzDr Jamie BennettDr Ronald DoctorDr Sandra M Grant, FRCPsych, OBEMary HaleyProfessor Brett KahrGill McGauleyDr Adah SachsRichard ShukerDr Celia TaylorDr Estela WelldonDr Jessica Yakeley,

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Dr Ronald Doctor
The Psychodynamics of Personality Disorder, Sadism and Destructiveness in the Countertransference

This presentation describes some concepts underpinning forensic psychotherapy, including a theory of a triangular dynamic between patient, psychotherapist and society that was developed by Dr Estela Welldon. The talk explores the countertransference in relation to personality disorder, and how challenging this can be for the clinician, arousing such responses as coll