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Frequently Asked Questions

Live Webinars (using Zoom)

What is the difference between webcast and a webinar?2020-04-30T14:47:26+01:00
  • Our webcasts are usually live events, filmed with professional cameras on-site as part of a face to face event that are broadcast through the Confer website using the YouTube streaming platform. Although we accept questions from viewers at home, these webcasts are slightly less interactive than a webinar session.
  • Our webinars however, are more interactive and involve using 3rd party software (not directly accessed through our website). We are using Zoom software, where a group of attendees join the same ‘virtual room’ and can interact, talk, text chat and see each other (via webcam) where these options have been enabled.
    • It’s worth noting we may restrict video interactions for our larger events (of 50+ attendees), to avoid distracting from the main speaker. However, we appreciate it helps to create a more engaging atmosphere, so we will encourage participation through the text chat and voice inputs wherever possible.
    • For these larger events, we will likely use Zoom Webinar rather than Zoom Meetings. The general functionality will be exactly the same, with some restrictions on using video chat in particular (which can be problematic and distracting with a high number of attendees).
Does it cost me anything to use Zoom?2020-04-30T15:42:00+01:00

Confer are essentially hosting the event, and we have our own license.

Will Zoom work on my computer / tablet / phone?2020-04-30T15:44:08+01:00

Zoom is mostly device agnostic, which means it works well on a range of operating systems and devices. The general functionality (such as the mute / unmute function) will remain the same across different devices, but the layout on the screen may be slightly different for each individual. We’ll do our best to support everyone getting into Zoom), we may not be able to offer fully bespoke technical support. Feel free to contact us via support@confer.uk.com / 0207 535 7595 ahead of an event

We’ll also have technical support available on the day of the live event, to help with any troubleshooting and help make the experience as smooth as possible.

Do I need a microphone and / or camera?2020-05-21T16:17:47+01:00

Having a microphone and a camera can help make the session more interactive and inviting to see everyone’s faces and hear each other’s voices. However, they are not absolutely necessary to participate in the events. Where the video interaction may be limited (with events of 60+ attendees) please note that the text chat and Q&A option will still be available for you to submit questions and comments.

How do I use the chat?2020-04-30T17:44:35+01:00

When in the Zoom meeting, if you can’t see the chat window, when hovering over the main video, you should see a button at the bottom of the page that says ‘Chat’. Click this and the chat window will appear.

From within this newly opened window, at the bottom it will say ‘Type message here…’. Just above this field, it will say ‘To:’, and then say ‘Everybody’. This means that everybody in the chat window will see your message. If it does not say everybody, you can click on it and then select ‘Everybody’ from the list, or you can select another person to send a private message to. Then click where it says ‘Type message here…’, type your message and then hit enter.

Zoom-Gallery View Showing Chat


(Image showing where the ‘Chat’ icon will appear)



(Image showing the text chat, which should appear in the bottom right of your screen)

How do I know if a meeting is being recorded?2020-04-30T16:17:42+01:00

A red “recording” button will appear at the top left of the screen.

For copyright reasons please do not record the seminar or discussion using your own devices.

Please note some photography and video recordings may be used by Confer (the event organiser) for the purposes of education and/or promoting its activities and may be published on its websites and circulated to the press and other social/media organisations for publication, transmission or broadcast.

If an instructor shares a PowerPoint slide show (which would be full screen), is the zoom toolbar still accessible?