Fragile Selves: Working with Narcissistic and Borderline States of Mind

With Module Speakers:
Susanna AbseDr Anne AlvarezDr David CelaniDr Diana DiamondDr Jay GreenbergJason HeppleProfessor Jeremy HolmesFrank LachmannElizabeth Wilde McCormickDr Susan MizenDr Phil MollonDr Clara MucciJack NathanJenny RiddellDr Allan SchoreRuthie SmithNeville SymingtonMarcus West,

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This package of resources provides 19 hours of CPD on the subject of psychotherapeutic work with people who have received a diagnosis of a Narcissistic or Borderline Personality Disorder, or those who express personality traits often associated with those definitions such as difficulty regulating extreme affective states in relationships and of maintaining a stable, realistic view of the self and other. It combines a rich archive of:





Professor Jeremy Holmes