A Diploma in Practising Energy Psychotherapy

Sandi Radomski – Ask and Receive

Sandi Radomski demonstrates Ask and Receive, a simple yet powerful energy psychology modality working with positive intention and higher states of consciousness. Using ‘the power of the word’, it focuses on a desired outcome, rather than on the problem. It also accesses the part of us which already knows thereby connecting with the high vibrational ‘quantum field’ of ‘ease and grace’ to facilitate healing. Comprising ‘5 sentences’, A and R is effective in working with trauma and the limiting beliefs derived from trauma. It can be used: as a ‘stand- alone’ healing method or in conjunction with other methods to clear trauma at all levels including pre-verbal trauma such as conception, pre-birth and uterine and birth trauma. Radomski sees early trauma – especially life- threatening birth trauma – as key in setting unconscious limiting beliefs early in life. A and R is also used to ‘re-set’ the body in the treatment of allergies.  She argues that allergies are essentially PTSD at a cellular level, where the body tries to protect itself from fear with an inflammatory immune response.

Dr Sandi Radomski received the ACEP award for “Major Contribution to the Field” in 2015.

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Dr Sandi Radomski

Dr Sandi Radomski received the award for “Major Contribution to the Field” at the Association of Comprehensive Energy Psychology ACEP in 2015. International lecturer, trainer and innovator, Sandi practices as a psychotherapist and naturopathic doctor and her experience in energy work includes energy psychology techniques such as TFT (diagnostically trained), EFT, TAT, and BSFF, and chiropractic techniques such as NAET, TBM, Biokinetics, NET and JMT.