The Neuroscience of Somatics – background and theory

The last decade has challenged psychotherapists to integrate a massive amount of data and information into their practice with highly vulnerable patients. How do we decide what is essential to adapt to our practice and with specific patients? Here Sharon Stanley outlines the major shifts in terms of relational principles governing psychotherapy today and richly illustrates her presentations with scientific detail.

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Dr Sharon Stanley

Dr Sharon Stanley is a psychotherapist, educator and writer living on Bainbridge Island, Washington. As a long time student of Allan Schore, she has integrated a number of somatic practices for healing trauma into an elegant, cohesive, relational and phenomenological model of psychotherapy, Somatic Transformation. At the core of Somatic Transformation is the practice of feeling into another’s inner world: a bodily based attunement, connectivity and inquiry that animates the intersubjective field and guides the use of somatic interventions and reflection.


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