Antony Haynes

Antony has been in private practice for over 22 years and is one of the most experienced and knowledgeable Nutritional Therapists in the country, and one of the first to implement the principles of Functional Medicine in the UK. Having attended many IFM events including the AFMCP and APM he is a Functional Medicine Practitioner. He is known as the practitioners’ practitioner. He employs his clinical experience in managing the nutritional needs of his patients, which number in excess of 13,500, at his clinic in Harley Street, London.

Antony is also Head of Technical Services at Nutri-Link, responsible for the technical & practitioner support team, as well as providing technical support directly to practitioners. For over 16 years, he has been presenting clinically focused workshops, lectures and seminars that practitioners find invaluable, inspiring and motivating.

He is also an author of two books on nutrition, The Insulin Factor and The Food Intolerance Bible, and has appeared on television and radio.


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