Dr Arthur Aron

Dr Arthur Aron

Arthur Aron, Ph.D., is a Research Professor of Psychology at Stony Brook University. His research centers on close relationships, intergroup relations, and the temperament trait of sensory processing sensitivity, with expertise in diverse methods, including test construction, surveys, laboratory and field experiments (including interventions), and neuroimaging, as well as sophisticated statistical methods. He has published more than a hundred papers with thousands of citations, has received major grants from various foundations, and currently serves on the editorial boards of several major journals. He is a Fellow of the American Psychological Association and the Association for Psychological Science, and a recipient of the Distinguished Research Career Award from the International Association for Relationship Research.


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The Highly Sensitive Person in Psychotherapy
Saturday 25 July 2020 - A Live Webinar



Danielle Knafo and Rocco Lo Bosco (2020) Confer


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