Fiddy Abraham

Fiddy Abraham is Principal Organizational Development Consultant at The Tavistock Institute where she has worked since 1976. She helps individuals, groups, organisations and groups of organisations improve their understanding and skills to join in the collaborative design and redesign for performance.

Her work focuses mainly on three areas: consultancy to address difficult issues within and across organisations, support to service delivery, especially within social care and to marginalized groups, working with service users, staff, management and policy actors, and collaboration with public and private sector clients in organisation and inter-organisational design.

Fiddy uses traditional Tavistock Institute approaches such as socio-technical systems thinking and psychodynamic understandings, together with broad range of social science approaches. Depending on your organisation’s needs, she uses a variety of methods to support collaboration internally and externally.


Past and Current Confer Events


Leading Your Organisation Through Change
Friday 13 – Saturday 17 June 2011