Dr Pamela Alexander

Dr Pamela Alexander

Pamela Alexander, PhD. is a licensed clinical psychologist with more than 30 years of clinical and research experience focusing on family violence prevention and intervention programs. For example, she received funding from NIMH (National Institute of Mental Health) in 1985 to conduct what was the first empirical study of group treatment for adult female incest survivors. She has also received funding from CDC (Centers for Disease Control) and from NIJ (National Institute of Justice).

She has evaluated the Army’s and the Marines’ New Parent Support Program, which is a home visitation child abuse prevention program for new parents and at-risk parents stationed at bases around the world, and has received contracts from the Army Research Institute to study sexual harassment within the military. She has conducted both research and clinical work with adult incest survivors, mothers and fathers at risk for abusive parenting, teens experiencing dating violence, women experiencing intimate partner violence, male batterers and homeless women. She was a faculty member at the University of Memphis, University of Maryland and University of Pennsylvania. Dr. Alexander is currently a senior researcher at Outcome Referrals, Inc. in Massachusetts.

Dr. Alexander has authored more than 50 publications on topics ranging from adult attachment in incest survivors to stages of change in women experiencing intimate partner violence to the intergenerational effects of maltreatment on relationship violence, abusive parenting and emotion dysregulation. Most recently, she has written a book published by Norton entitled “Intergenerational Cycles of Trauma and Violence: An Attachment and Family Systems Perspective.”


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