Dr Beatrice Allegranti

Dr Beatrice Allegranti is a dance movement psychotherapist, dance artist, capoeira practitioner, researcher and educator. She convenes the MA in Dance Movement Psychotherapy at the University of Roehampton, Department of Psychology and supervises doctoral research across the arts therapies and counseling psychology. In 2012 Beatrice was appointed Reader in Dance Movement Psychotherapy and founded the Centre for Arts Therapies Research. Her international experience encompasses choreography and filmmaking as well as dance movement psychotherapy clinical practice and supervision.

Beatrice’s clinical experience spans UK NHS work in adult mental health as well as training clinical staff to engage with service users through kinesthetic empathy. Beatrice’s feminist research investigates the boundaries and politics of moving bodies at the intersections of performance, psychotherapeutic and scientific contexts. Her book, numerous articles, chapters and films address these issues.




Past and Current Confer Events


Therapy in Motion: the journey of therapy through the language of the body
Friday 27 and Saturday 28 March 2015




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