Antiqu’e Kwakye-Ampomah

Antiqu’e Kwakye-Ampomah

Blended Expressionist, Creative Practitioner & Empowerment Influencer.

I turn pain into beauty, emotion into art and expression into inspiration

My goal is to make tapping into emotion cool.

Antiqu’e Kwakye-Ampomah is an award winning, genre fluid creative – singer, songwriter and voetry artist (vocal poetry) born to a West African father and Northern English mother.

She’s a local girl from South London, literally a butterfly on the block.

Her artistry often explores motherhood, life and death, culture and social sensitivity, identity, relationships and spirituality. Often praised for her rawness, expressive vocal and emotive delivery, she is a natural storyteller pairing experimentation and homage to her father’s roots in Ghana.

Much of her work stems from personal transformation and rebirth through a discovery of self. Knowing first-hand how it feels to be unable to communicate and express her emotional voice.  Antiqu’e is able to use her experiences as a catalyst for her own self development and empower others to do the same.

She is an avid activist via her social enterprise The One Wing Project. A creative growth and development service, raising awareness of social issues via creative expression. Working with young people and female groups globally (especially those who have had adverse life experiences)

She is privileged to do amazing collaborative empowerment and support the journey of others within the arts and education industries, play services, the community and corporate sectors. Tate/ BBC /BFI Southbank / Excel London / Reprezent Radio / NHS / South London Press.


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