Julianne Appel-Opper

Julianne Appel-Opper

Julianne Appel-Opper has 30 years clinical experience including working in psychosomatic clinics. She has worked as a psychotherapist and trainer in several different countries and cultures and for 9 years, she lived in the UK where she worked both privately and in the NHS. For 17 years she has been writing and teaching about the importance of the unspoken communications of the client’s and therapist’s bodies.

Julianne is the founder and director of the ongoing program ‘Relational Living Body Psychotherapy: Developing Embodied Interventions and Experiments’. This Berlin-based series of workshops supports therapists in developing and deepening their attunement to the body and in using this awareness in the therapeutic relationship.

Julianne is now in private practice in Berlin but continues to work internationally as a visiting tutor at several psychotherapy training institutes as well as presenting at conferences.

Diplom Psychology, Clinical Psychologist, Registered Psychological Psychodynamical Psychotherapist in Germany, Reg. Integrative Gestalt Psychotherapist with the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy, MUKAHPP, Supervisor (University of Birmingham, U.K.).

Publications about interbodily communication and the interlink of body and culture:

‘Intercultural Body-Oriented Psychotherapy: The Culture in the Body and the Body in the Culture’ in: www.bodypsychotherapypublications.com: About Relational Body Psychotherapy, 2012, C. Young, ed.

‘Embodied Interventions and Experiments as Body-to-Body-Communication within a Relational Gestalt Approach’ in: EAGT-AAGT-Conference Proceedings, 2018, Istituto di Gestalt HCC Italy.




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