Sarah Benamer

Sarah Benamer is a UKCP registered Relational Attachment Based Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist and supervisor who works with individuals and couples. She has a particular interest in the many roles of the body in our emotional and relational worlds. Sarah originally trained as a psychotherapist at The Bowlby Centre and has subsequently undertaken a COSRT psychosexual and couples therapy training. Prior to becoming a psychotherapist Sarah was a community worker, advocating for those in crisis within the NHS psychiatric system, for individuals in chronic pain, and for people with long-term illness and severe physical disabilities. In addition to therapeutic training she has an MA in Applied Anthropology which informs her integrative approach to clinical practice.

Her articles include:

Killing Me Softly’ A Relational Understanding of Attachment to Pain (ATTACHMENT, 2008)
Attachment and Trauma Edited with Kate White (Karnac, 2008)
Telling Stories Attachment Based Approaches to the Treatment of Psychosis (Karnac, 2010)
Engendered and Embodied Intimacies (In Press)


Past and Current Confer Events


Women on the Couch – the seminar series
17 May to 13 December 2018

Psychotherapy is a Cultural Issue
Saturday 22 April 2017