Dr Marco Chiesa

Dr Marco Chiesa MD, FRCPsych has been Consultant Psychiatrist in Psychotherapy at the Cassel Hospital, Richmond since 1991. He is Director of the outpatient Adult Personality Disorder Service and the Research Unit at the Cassel Hospital where he carried out a number of research projects in the field of treatment outcome for personality disorder and psychodynamic psychotherapy. He is Honorary Senior Lecturer at University College London and is a Fellow of the London Institute of Psychoanalysis. His main interest is the treatment and management of patients with personality disorder and patients with psychiatric syndromes with associated personality disorder.


Past and Current Confer Events


Working with Borderline Psychopathology Seminar Series
Tuesday evening seminars 17 January – 3 April 2012

Psychotherapeutic Skills Summer School – Working with ‘Borderline Patients’
Tuesday 28 June to Saturday 2 July 2011


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