Isabel Clarke

Isabel Clarke

Isabel Clarke is a consultant clinical psychologist with over 25 years’ experience working as a therapist in the NHS with people with complex problems. Third Wave CBT Integration for Individuals and Teams: Comprehend, Cope and Connect, recently published by Routledge (Clarke & Nicholls) covers her emotion-centred approach to mental health (CCC), currently being applied widely in acute services. It also has application in CHMTs and is currently being piloted for complex cases within Hampshire IAPT. A culture free adaptation is being developed. CCC incorporates her innovative approach to psychosis, which is seen, along with spirituality, as a universal potential of human experiencing, which can go wrong. Psychosis and Spirituality: consolidating the new paradigm, edited, Wiley, (2010) and Madness, Mystery and the Survival of God, ‘O’ Books, (2008) explore these ideas.

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