Dr Nuri Gene Cos PhD, L.M.C., M.R.C. Psych.

Nuri Gene Cos is a Consultant Psychiatrist and Director of the Traumatic Stress Service, The Maudsley Hospital, London, where she specialises in neuropsychiatry and individual therapy work for people with stress disorders (including Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). She has a special interest in developmental trauma, violence, accident and war and works with victims who have brain injuries as well as psychological conditions. Her doctoral research focused on the psychophysiology in anxiety disorders and she has published several papers in relation to neuropsychiatric issues, bilingualism in relation to psychiatric symptomatology and PTSD.


Past and Current Confer Events


Working with Borderline Psychopathology Seminar Series
Tuesday evening seminars 17 January – 3 April 2012

Trauma Skills
Wednesday evenings 18 January – 28 March 2012

Trauma Skills School – Edinburgh
Monday 5 – Friday 9 July 2010

Is There Such a Thing as an Impossiblr Patient?
A Seminar Series for Psychotherapists

Monday evenings 27 September to 6 December 2010

Brain Mapping – A 2-Day Conference. How does our Current Understanding of Neuropsychology Lead us to Good Psychotherapy Practice?
Friday 26 November 2010

Trauma Skills Summer School
Monday 5 – Friday 9 July 2010


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Barker, M-J. (2018) Rewriting the Rules: An Anti-Self-Help Guide to Love, Sex and Relationships. London: Routledge


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