Dr Anne-Marie Daly

Anne-Marie trained as a Clinical Psychologist, completing a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology in Oxford in 2008. She has worked in the NHS for the past 10 years and specialised in psychotherapy within adult mental health outpatient settings throughout clinical training and post qualification. She is currently Deputy Head Of Counselling at Oxford University Counselling Service, supporting the psychological needs of 3rd Level Students attending the University of Oxford. She also works part-time in a Private Psychotherapy Practice, Headington Psychotherapy (www.headingtonpsychotherapy.co.uk), in Oxford. She has a special interest in the factors involved in the process of therapy (e.g. resolving ruptures in therapy; see link to paper below), using models of brief dynamic psychotherapy, emotion focused therapy, mindfulness and the psychophysiology of trauma and trauma treatment.

Rupture resolution in cognitive analytic therapy for adolescents with borderline personality disorder

Anne-Marie offers an integrated approach to the problem or conflict one brings to therapy. This involves working with a combined cognitive, behavioural and emotional focus on difficulties. Therapy looks at how ones’ thinking and behaviour impacts on functioning and interpersonal relationships, with a specific focus on emotional experience and building tolerance to difficult emotions as therapy progresses. This approach incorporates the theoretical models of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Experiential Dynamic Therapy and Emotion Focused Therapy. Anne-Marie’s work also emphasises client feedback on the therapeutic relationship and the factors that affect the process of therapy.


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