Vittoria de Meo

Vittoria de Meo

Vittoria is an active campaigner of mental health and is passionate about supporting people to have a say in the mental health services they receive.

She is an Independent mental health advisor, workshop’s facilitator and a mentor with coaching skills. Vittoria works with a variety of organisations including Clinical Commissioning Groups, NHS providers and the Royal College of Psychiatrist. She co-facilitates away days, educational sessions and training to hospital staff, particularly emergency department staff and mental health nurses. She has been invited to various Conferences as a speaker. Her main topics:  Self-empowerment, how do you define compassion, searching for a meaning and purpose in life and self-awareness.

She is the founder of The Happiness Corner model:  ‘The Happiness Corner is the embodiment of my life experiences, the different techniques and modules I learned and the right answer to an unwavering passion for elevating the lives of others and help them make progress’.

In 2019 she founded FOR WOMEN CIC whose mission is to assist and encourage women to strive for wellness in all areas of their lives and to create spaces where women can support and encourage each other through their lived experience. So far, she has facilitated over 100 sessions to over 300 women coming from different cultures and background.

She joined the London ACEs Hub in 2018 as an expert by experience.


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