Dr Heinrich Deserno

Heinrich Deserno, MD (Psychosomatic Medicine and Psychotherapy) is a scientific member of the Sigmund-Freud-Institute (Research Institute for Psychoanalysis) and head of the psychotherapeutic consulting hour.

He is training analyst of the Frankfurt Psychoanalytic Institute (German Psychoanalytic Association/International Psychoanalytic Association).

Centres of his research and publications are the psychoanalytic process, dreaming, symbolization, psychoanalytic therapy of depression, supervison and psychoanalytic interpretation of literature.

He is the author of Die Analyse und das Arbeitsbündnis (The Analyst and the Working Alliance: the Reemergence of Convention in Psychoanalysis, 1990), and Entwicklungschancen in der Institution. Psychoanalytische Teamsupervision (Chances of Development in Institutions: Psychoanalytic team supervision), with S Graf-Deserno.


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