Nick Duffell

Nick Duffell studied Sanskrit before becoming a carpenter; after a breakdown, he re-trained as psychotherapist. He has led men’s groups since 1987 and co-founded the Centre for Gender Psychology in 1996. He now calls himself a psychohistorian, promoting a depth-psychology perspective of issues that affect public life very deeply, like identity and emotions, fear and vulnerability. He is an Hon. Research Associate at UCL on a VR experiment for healing broken attachments and lives between London and the wilds of SW France, where he saws and plants trees. Recently publishing articles on menswork and The Simpol Solution: A New Way to Think about Solving the World’s Biggest Problems, with John Bunzl, Nick is best known for The Making of Them: the British Attitude to Children and the Boarding School System, Sex, Love and the Dangers of Intimacy, and Wounded Leaders.


Past and Current Confer Events


The Establishment on the Couch
Saturday 9 May 2015

Male Vulnerability
Friday 17 – Saturday 18 May